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"The Silver Bullet Techique" False Allegations of Domestic Violence

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Kangaroo courts often implement this form of divorce "gamesmanship". How do you know if you are in a kangaroo court? Well... how do you know if a lawyer or a politician is lying? This is anything but a game. It has the potential to destroy the true victim's life.


Over and over we see the following interesting phenomenon:

1. A marriage has existed for decades. There was never a call to 911, never a policeman in the house, never a complaint to family court, never a complaint to the Department of Social Services, never a time when the wife left the house "to avoid abuse".

2. The wife goes to see a divorce attorney, for reasons known only to herself.

3. Within a few weeks there is a call to 911, police in the house, a complaint to family court, a complaint to the Department of Social Services. On the night of the alleged abuse the wife leaves the house "to avoid abuse". The next day she has her husband thrown out of the house by the court.

4. OF COURSE, the divorce attorney claims no involvement in creating such a strange change in the pattern of this marriage.

The first step is usually a complaint for relief from "domestic abuse". This is filed in Family Court Relief from "domestic abuse" is a civil action for restraining orders.

"Separate the combatants" is the goal of the family court. There is very little consideration given to the question of who is to blame. The more important consideration is the question of which "combatant" is best able to deal with suddenly becoming homeless.

It does not take too long to figure out that it is usually the man, who suddenly becomes homeless.

Women generally know this, when they complain.

This is not a game for tramps only. If the most exalted love of your life ever becomes "a woman scorned", you could STILL SEE THIS HAPPEN. Most of these "women scorned" scenarios involve WIVES.

The "silver bullet" technique is a system of stripping you of your property, your right to own a gun, and your freedom. It can put you out of you own home, with no access to your own money, your children, or your possessions. It can cause you unlimited legal expenses. It can turn your friends and family against you.

The "silver bullet" technique is being implemented by a well organized net work of lawyers, paralegals, advocacy groups, radical women's groups, prosecutors, doctors, police, and even judges.

The "silver bullet" technique replaces the family unit with the power of government.



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Nobody is going to offer their opinion, it seems to me, D V b P!


I have no opinion about this, because you have already spoken the facts, which cannot be reasonably rebutted.


Frequently people don't have an opinion until it happens to them. We'll give them a little time. It's going to happen to someone, a friend or relative. If it hasn't already.

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The best spokesperson's for any corrupt behavior, in order to get it exposed to the public, is the person who has experience in defending themselves against it.


Thank you, for all the exposure you have worked so hard to being to the p.com eye. D V b P!

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