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Siding repair recommendations? Need a few masonite boards replaced ASAP

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Hi all,


We are selling our house in Powder Springs. Our inspector suggested we repair or replace a handful of masonite boards on our chimney before the appraisal is done next week. I'm guessing the front face of the chimney is 6-8' wide and the sides are 2-3' deep. Our house is flat white, so no real color matching necessary. I have caulked and used bondo in a couple soft spots along the edges before. In this case, the bottom of some of the planks have started to swell and flake off, so those boards will probably have to be replaced. Most or all of these can be reached with a 10' ladder.


Does anyone have recommendations for a local company who could do a quick and cheap fix for us? We would really like to get this done tomorrow or over the weekend. I'm thinking we will need less than 50' total of new siding.


Let me know if you need any other details. Thanks in advance!

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I spent 2 months trying to find someone to fix my chimney and finally gave up and did it myself.

If you get someone make sure you get a date for them to show. One company promised me

they would do it and then never showed. By the way I used the hardiplank board as it

never rots. It is concrete.

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I have a lot of places on my siding that needs to be replaced, but I've been told that they don't make the siding any more. I just spent a small fortune on stopping my basement from flooding when it rains (at least I hope it's fixed---it hasn't rained enough to test it yet). My savings are down to almost nothing, so I need someone who can replace the siding cheap. I'd like to find someone who will fix the worse places first and then fix others later as I get the money.


It is very expensive maintaining a house, especially for a single female on a very limited income.

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PCS-is a member here-call them, liscensed and insured -they specialize in repairs-ED will come right out and give you a free estimate-They haven't had much work through the winter, and will be happy for the lead-770-577-2409

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<br />Hi, Call my nephew Dennis Wiley at 678-736-1230. He does all kinds of remodeling work. And he is not expensive.<br />
<br /><br /><br />


Thanks! Dennis is coming out for an estimate tomorrow.

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