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Lyme awareness month ends today

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 10:55 AM

It never really ends for those of us that are suffering with this disease we are forced to be aware of it every day. Along with our families that watch us suffer and help us fight for treatment. I am hoping everyone will share this last article because the link takes you to the actual study that proves ticks in Georgia do carry a form of Lyme. You may even need to print this and take it with if your doctor refuses to at least explore the possibility of Lyme Disease.

We have so many people that have worked so hard to make the public aware and to take message politicians and health care givers aware.
There is no work being done by public health,CDC, Health departments or the Department of Agriculture.
Most of the awareness campaigns are privately funded.

I want to thank Mayor Boyd Austin of Dallas, Ga. and Mayor Devey of Hiram, Ga. for signing the proclamation making May Lyme Awareness month in our communities.!

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Most people that are diagnosed here by the process of elimination. Meaning everything else is ruled out.
In the meantime the bacteria is multiplying at an alarming rate and doing permanent damage to their bodies.
Here is a picture of a Lyme rash notice that it is not the standard bulls eye rash. This is what my rash looks like this time. The last time it was text book perfect for Lyme and I still had to fight for treatment.
50% of people have no rash or never see a tick.
Everyone I know that contracted it suffered severe fatigue, you are up going because you feel ok, then you are in the bed unable to put one foot in front of the other, most people report they had a flu they could not get over.
The bacteria can attack any part of the body, it particularly flourishes in the spinal fluid and joint fluid.

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If everyone that reads this and clicks to the published article then prints it and takes it to their doctor on their next visit we could save thousands from suffering.
Simply tell your doctor that you know someone that got very sick from Lyme and you wanted him or her to be aware of the latest study.
Why do this? because the people that we pay to protect us by educating health care workers are not doing their job.

From Georgia Lyme Disease Association https://www.facebook...on/156051833921

New paper ROCKS Lyme disease world and may help millions!
A new study strongly implicates lone star ticks in the transmission of Lyme disease to humans. Incredibly, the research team, headed up by Dr. Kerry Clark, also identified three different Lyme bacterial species (two for the first time in humans!) - Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia andersonii, and Borrelia americana - in symptomatic patients living in the South. Some had no travel history. Georgia Lyme Disease Association is proud to have contributed case data and funding through our generous donors in support of this research.

Why this matters so much: Lone star ticks are very aggressive and are the ticks most commonly found biting humans in the South. Years ago, Dr. Ed Masters documented lone star tick vectored Lyme-like disease in patients but his research was shot down as "not Lyme disease." Although Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) have been documented in the lone star tick, outdated and limited studies surmised that this tick species can't transmit the bacteria.

Dr. Clark's incredible new findings may explain why people in the Southeastern USA have come forward for decades claiming they've contracted Lyme disease despite the low Bb infection rate documented in "deer ticks" in the region. Using the more advanced testing methods available today, this new paper may remove several roadblocks to diagnosis and treatment including assumptions such as "only black-legged "deer ticks" transmit Lyme disease" and "Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness or "STARI" is not Lyme disease." We can "kiss bye-bye" the myth that Lyme disease in the South occurs only in those who've traveled to other regions.
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Significantly, the paper also squashes the currently held notion that only one species of Borrelia burgdorferi causes Lyme disease in North America. In Europe, 3-4 Bb species are known to cause Lyme disease and specific tests were designed to detect them. If tests are designed to detect various Lyme bacterial species found in North America, imagine how many people may be helped!

(Now...if we can just convince officials to remove the reporting practice restrictions assigned to the South so that our human Lyme disease cases will finally show up on the books, too!)

GALDA's sincere thanks and congratulations go to Dr. Clark and his colleagues for their tremendous, groundbreaking work! You can read their new paper here:

Link to the published paper
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As far as releasing my name here, it's not going to happen.  There have been people here who found someone's given name and then found where they worked and made things difficult for them - all because they didn't like them here because of their political opinions.


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Posted 01 June 2013 - 12:28 PM

Long story short, if you get bitten by ANY tick, you can get sick from it, not just lyme but there are other infections that can be equally as serious as lyme if not treated. It is a lot of information to digest but trust me, be informed about it before you get bitten. At least you will know what you are up against when trying to get treated.

Thanks Laurie for the information and pictures. Had I seen and known about the bullseye rash BEFORE I was bitten, I would have sought medical treatment before 7 months had passed and joint symptoms had already started.
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Posted 01 June 2013 - 08:10 PM

Crown App - you certainly heightened my awareness for this disease.
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