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suicide threat-suicide by cop cole creek rd

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there was another suicide threat last night, before this one. In the 7000 block of Villa Rica Hwy. I heard this on the scanner.

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So we should either do what they want or ignore them. We lose to many good officers from them responding to stuff like this.BUT that is just this one persons thoughts.

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sister called in,brother threatened suicide said it will be suicide by cop


So her brother wanted to be shot and killed? Sounds so painful for all ...


Prayers for them to find much needed peace.

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The suggestion that someone needs assistance for a suicide by cop is on its face ludicrous.


Imagine if the woman charged with trying to have her ex killed had made such a call. Like in the first scenario, she had him over to do some work on the car.

Then she went inside to call 911 and made the suicide by cop call. Then she carries a gun outside and gives it to him in the moments before the cops arrive.


While I wouldn't call it a likelihood that it would end in a suicide by cop, certainly the officers responding would be tense and have their weapons drawn ... as suicide by cop implies the person is literally laying in wait planning to force a cop to kill him.


A gun being present any odd move on the part of the person 'targeted' might spook the cop to shoot.


I wouldn't be terribly critical of a policy that says that LEO should not respond to a report of a person seeking suicide by cop. Most suicides are by definition discovered after the fact. The few in which there is a warning should be approached with serious caution but someone referencing suicide by cop might should be directed to a specific location where officers, with a tranquilizer gun, could put him down ... you know like the Square in Dallas or the SO. Certainly a place where their willing presence with a weapon eliminates any doubt they are not intent on placing officers in danger. And because LEO chooses the location, the ambush and take down can be professionally executed on LEO turf.



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