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Come Out Tonight..Enjoy...Eat Mexican...GREAT Entertainment

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Come out tonight and join in the fun. Eat Mexican, have a margarita (if you so desire) and enjoy the GREAT entertainment.


Wade will be singing tonight

June 20, 2009


Jalapeno Joe's

Hiram, GA


Hope to see you there!!!!!

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we will be theer , of course with Sunshine and maybe one of her friends

THAT IS GREAT!!!!! Been way too long since we've seen ya'll.

(And, Wade just might have a special new picture for her to add to her collection!!! LOL)



We are planning on coming, but it will be more around 8:00pm.


See ya then

AWESOME!!!! Look forward to seeing ya. He will probably sing until around 10:00 so that will be fine.


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Thank you to everyone who came out tonight. There was a lot of laughter, fun and of course enjoyable entertainment. :)


And for those who left earlier, something happened with a table of ladies that caused Wade to turn as red as his Ed Hardy shirt!!!! It was a hoot. :lol:

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