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10 yo girl missing in Cedartown

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Missing Juvenile

female..10 yr old

4'9" 140 lbs

blonde hair bluish green eyes

last seen wearing dark blue sweater with tweety bird on it and blue jeans

last seen on Fairview Ave when she got off the bus at app 3"30 PM today



This is all I have right now. Their board is messed up.


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The police are requesting all officers in and more flashlights. They are talking about local sex offenders.


I hope this little girl is just at a friend's house and it isn't as scary as it is sounding.

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are you listening to a scanner from polk county? My hubby has family in Rockmart, but none that age (I hope). Goodness I hope she is safe somewhere. That has been about 7 hours ago.

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It's running on CedartownChat.com and on RomeNewsWire.com.


I was posting on CedartownChat about my daughter's show there tomorrow and saw this.

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The dogs tracked to a house near apartments



but house checked out 10-4


officer keeping log of checkpoints


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I am copying from the other forums scanner. I just think we all have a reason to be aware of what is going on. This is just a little down 278.


I've got news for everyone. They are

popping anybody and everybody's trunk.


BOLO was supposed to be announced every 30 minutes


I haven't heard it again


All County Fire Department Stations are out.


Many PCPD are there. (Polk County)


Sheriff's deputies.


And like you said above. No one allowed

in or around until they finish with the



Now they are threatening to arrest the local reporter there for some reason. They want the press out of there.

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817 just remined all units not to give any information over the radio




one unit had been checking area churches??




One unit out on Girard and 6th suspicious vehicle


Lonnie Albritten Sr


officer stated she was 10-8

subject was out in a field saying that he was looking for a 10 yr old girl that was missing



Isn't there a Lonnie Albritten on sex offender list that I just posted in scanner topic?


Not good.



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This officer was going to go 10-8...but now she has decided this needs checking into


I did call 911 to advise that this subject was a sex offender




coggers420 wrote:

A CPD unit was out with a suspicious vehicle on Girard and 6th st


that subjects name is Lonnie Albritten...a registered sex offender


said he was out in the field looking for a missing 10 yr old giirl

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Thank God she was found.


Still a lot of investigating to do. She was trying to avoid going home for some reason. Reportedly, she had forged a note to go home with someone else, but the bus driver didn't fall for it. People are reporting she was not supervised appropriately before the incident. I think this may be investigated on the parental supervision side, and why the child was refusing to go home.


I hope the other comments are not true. I hope this is completely resolved as some childish thing gone wrong. She is being checked out medically before the investigators decide on the next move. They do believe this is not over. EMS took her to the hospital.

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