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Posted 30 August 2003 - 12:28 AM

Paulding.com believes strongly in freedom of speech and expression.

However, there is a line between freedom of expression and libel, slander and say, terroristic threats.

Those are actionable and well worth the hassle of law enforcement (or plaintiff lawyers) getting a subpoena and coming after the 'bad actor."

Paulding.com is local to Paulding County and that heightens the danger of a threat made and its potential action. It is only fitting that legal service is so much easier to effect here that other places on the Internet because we're all under the Georgia courts. (This whole process is usually complex because often you are dealing with people from different states and countries. Here you are not.)

Hence, IT IS IMPORTANT FOR PAULDING.COM MEMBERS TO KNOW that while we have the similar rules regarding your privacy as most Internet sites, the speed and ease with which law enforcement and even plaintiff's lawyers can act is different. Said differently, a subpoena can be issued and complied with in hours, instead of days.

I say this to not be intimidating, but because it is inevitable that someone will do something stupid thinking that somehow they're especially protected because Paulding.com is on the Internet.


PAULDING.COM RECORDS IP ADDRESSES that can lead law enforcement right to your door. We capture this on our server logs, registration logs and chat logs. It is a bit of a hassle but this information is traceable -- just ask the 6'4'' 320lb hacker in Minnesota.

As my recently passed Dad used to say, 'THERE IS NO DEFENSE AGAINST ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY" and I know that Paulding has at least one absolutely stupid person on the Internet and that goof will probably stop by here sooner or later.

For them, this pinned post is just FAIR WARNING that while I protect the privacy of Paulding.com members rigorously, the Georgia's Courts trump my authority anytime and quickly.

There is not a thing I can do except warn you to not libel or slander someone or make terrorist threats on line or any of that kind of bull or baloney.

Paulding.com is here for legitimate discussion that I hope will challenge the residents to think and act in great ways to make an even greater community.

Complaints, dissention and questions are all legitimate and we encourage them.

Libel, slander, terroristic threats, hate speech and similar forms of intimidation including threats of extortion or other criminal conspiracies that even hint at involving Paulding.com will simply not be tolerated.

Said a little differently, threats, when made here, have an immediacy and proximity that is missing on a message board where the members exchanging the threats are in California and Maine.

If Paulding.com is the target or is used in such a way as to be an unwilling accomplice of such a criminal or civil conspiracy, and therefore a party in an action, know that we reserve the right provide all supporting materials to law enforcement and/or our (plaintiff) attorneys and have amended and clarified our privacy statement to reflect this change effective immediately.

Folks, I know this sounds a bit intimidating but I think it is important that we realize our responsibilities to maintain peace and order in the community. No specific 'thing' has happened to bring this up; rather the greater reality that what we hope to build here -- a mirror to the geographic community called Paulding County Georgia -- involves risks as well as rewards.

Said another way, we are very tolerant of the diversity of the community and encourage and glory in the differences, but we just aren't stupid; we are alert to the dangers and aware of how to avoid them. That is the sole purpose of this FAIR WARNING.

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