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Found 12 results

  1. Commissioner wants Paulding studio money paid to county even if not required A county commissioner says he supports an economic development agency giving the Paulding government millions of dollars from the sale of a movie studio because the county repaid part of the financing used to build it. Commissioner Ron Davis of Post 1 said he wants the Paulding County Industrial Building Authority to give the $4 million from the sale of its film studio to the county government which has been repaying the bonds used to finance its construction for three years. Commission Chairman Dave Carmichael, who is a member of the building authority, said he favored the authority using the money to build new industrial space to attract more companies to the county. Paulding County owes more than $6 million on the original $7.9 million bond the building authority issued with the county government’s backing in 2011 Please click through to read the complete article.
  2. I have a question about the reservoir being built, specifically the pipe. On the weekends I go to my daughter's house in Rockmart, I take Braswell mountain rd. They are building what looks like the pipeline from the Richland Creek. Right now I have no idea how far along they are with the reservoir itself. Every time I go through there on Saturdays and Sundays they are working on it. I am not sure if the contractors are unionized or not. I know that legally they should be getting double time for Sunday. I am also aware of how contracts are written for overages. I can't help but think double time is eating into it. I could be way off with my concerns, that is why I am asking.
  3. Notice is hereby given that a first GORA Request has been made to the Paulding County Board of Commissioners Human Resource Department.
  4. King Tux Rentals, conveniently located just off Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw, has tuxedo and suit rentals for everyone who has a special event coming up! We do not discriminate and welcome everyone who wants to do business with us! We always have! Still popular for this year is the steel grey tuxedo. Try it with a long tie, which gives the outfit a suit-like appearance. Add a pair of grey suspenders and it looks great when you take the jacket off at a wedding reception! On special for the rest of this calendar year for weddings is the free groom's offer with a groomsman's price of $99.99 for a traditional black and white tuxedo with tux shoes included! Have a black tie wedding and we'll provide this price to all of your guests!
  5. I service and repair most makes of push mowers and lawn tractors/riding mowers of 20 HP and smaller in the South Paulding, Villa Rica, and North Douglasville area. Please visit my website for details, pick up and delivery options, rates, etc. Thanks!! http://glennsmowerrepairs.webs.com/ All work is guaranteed! 678-315-8794 Glenn
  6. Life has many twists and turns and for those that are afforded the time and opportunity to make amends for past misdeeds, it is a wonderful thing. Congratulations to Chief Judge #TonnyBeavers' law clerk, Roy Yunker, on overcoming his past history to gain admission to the Georgia Bar. With his Bar admission, he joins the Chief Judge and Attorney Angela Albritton Woodall as fellow Alums of Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School that serve or have served Paulding County Superior Court. Though not able to help in every situation, Mr. Yunker has always been professional in my limited dealings with him to date.
  7. Several years ago, the largest tux companies bought out most of the small tux companies to eliminate the competition. Now, except for a few independent tuxedo shops, tuxedo rentals are controlled by two nationwide companies, Men's Wearhouse and Savvi Formalwear. Those companies are now charging, before discounts, $240 - $260 for their top-line tux rentals. King Tux Rentals is one of the few independent, family-owned tuxedo rental companies that has complete (everything included!) tuxedo rentals for a fraction of what the major chain stores charge. In fact, we offer a complete, head-to-toe (yes, shoes, too!) tux rental in all black for just $119.99! Parents of Prom 2016 students: If you give your credit card to your son and let him get his tux at the mall, the salespeople there are going to take advantage of his inexperience and put him in the most expensive tux they have. Instead, why don't you either bring him or send him to King Tux Rentals? http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html We are Better Business Bureau accredited and we have the expertise to fit him so that he looks great in pictures on this special day! Our complete tux rental packages are available at a fraction of the price the mall chain stores charge. Here's what you need to know about color-coordination. Likely, the girl has picked out her dress. There has been an increasing trend over the last several years where girls expect the boy to match her dress, but she won't let him see it. So they give him a picture of a color and ask him to match that color. Pictures of colors don't show the true color, so what happens is that people get a great match for the PICTURE, but not for the actual color of the dress. The guy ends up needing to make a costly last-minute exchange for the correct color and he has to make an additional trip or two to the store. Here's a better solution. Girls - When you have your dress, why not bring it straight-away to King Tux Rentals for color-matching? Pick out a good color and then give that color/pattern to your date/boyfriend, along with written turn-by-turn directions! We can take it from there! (678) 401-4999 We have hundreds of color combinations (more than the major chains) and about 40 different tuxedo styles at a lower price.
  8. King Tux Rentals has All-inclusive tuxedo specials for those wishing to save money on special events in 2015. If you're not familiar with King Tux Rentals, we're locally owned/operated, just off Barrett Parkway before you get to the mall area. http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html We're accredited with the Better Business Bureau as a way of assuring our customers that they can be certain of our commitment to excellence with regard to our straightforward business deals. And that's why we offer "All-Inclusive" tuxedo rentals - So that you know what everything is going to cost. Everything that you need to outfit yourself (jacket, pants, shirt, bow tie/long tie, vest/cummerbund, cufflinks and shoes) is included in our All-Inclusive pricing! Are you having a wedding? Here are our best wedding deals. Keep in mind that ALL weddings come with a free groom's tux rental when there are at least five additional tux rentals for that wedding! Black tux jacket (first quality!) in notched lapel or framed lapel design and matching pleated/plain front pants (your choice) , laydown collar pleated white tux shirt, black bow tie or long tie (your choice), black satin vest, shirt studs and cufflinks, round-toe black tuxedo shoes (classic tuxedo look) all for $99.99 plus tax! Dark Chocolate Brown tuxedo jacket and matching pleated pants, laydown collar white tux shirt, vest and tie/bow tie (your choice of colors), shirt studs and cufflinks, dark chocolate brown matte-finish (non-shiny) shoes -- All $99.99 plus tax! We are offering the same deals for prom students - An All-Inclusive fine tuxedo for $99.99 plus tax (same deals as above)! If you wish to place an order for other tuxedo rentals, including individual orders, our prices for 2015 are: In-stock Black tuxes with your choice of accessories (color and style) are $129.99 plus tax. All Special Order tux or suit rentals with your choice of tuxedo colors (light or dark grey, navy, or white, for instance) with your choice of accessories (any pattern, color, or style available from our affiliates) is $159.99. At King Tux Rentals, we like to say - "It all starts with a phone call". (678) 401-4999 You don't need an appointment, but you'll want to be aware of our store hours http://kingtuxrentals.com We're closed on all major holidays, including New Year's Day. If you have an upcoming wedding, you'll want to register the wedding online for your convenience.
  9. King Tux Rentals, conveniently located just off Barrett Parkway, is locally owned and operated. We specialize in out of town weddings, getting the fit just right for guys who live too far away to come here for their initial measurements. We are one of the only tuxedo shops in the Greater Atlanta area that has tuxedos on site for you to try on! We enjoy an excellent on-line rating by previous customers because of the quality of our goods and services. We have our own accessories in stock, as well as having access to SEVERAL tuxedo providers which gives us a huge advantage over the national formal wear chain stores! Our pricing is based on our customers' priorities. We do "All-Inclusive Pricing", meaning that the entire rental package - everything that you need for a tux rental, whether for weddings or proms - is included (jacket, pants, shirt, vest/cummerbund, tie/bow tie, cufflinks, and shoes). Our all-inclusive packages start at $99.99! When you come to visit King Tux Rentals, you'll want to be sure to use the directions on our website http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html since GPS-based navigation devices usually take our customers on a wrong turn. Using the directions from our website will get you right here! We like to say "It all starts with a phone call", so that's the best place to start. (678) 401-4999 Another distinguishing mark of excellence is that King Tux Rentals is accredited by the Better Business Bureau!
  10. Paulding's Business Association luncheon today featured the dean of the Paulding delegation, District 17 Representative Howard Maxwell. Maxwell's comments covered a broad range of topics from health care and retirement to the challenges parents face in dealing with their schools. A former Paulding School Board member and chairman, Maxwell has served in the Georgia General Assembly since 2002. Confronted by a parent, Maxwell said it will probably taken parents beating up on their local school boards for them to respond to the needs of gifted children. Click for RECENT TOPICS click for RECENT TOPICS click for RECENT TOPICS
  11. If you're planning on attending SPHS's production of The Drowsy Chaperone, be sure to purchase advanced tickets. They will be available at the school for advance ticket price of $5.00 -- What A Deal!!! Advance purchase also allows you to pick your seat if you want and reserves your seat. If you are unable to purchase advanced tickets, no worries! Tickets will also be sold at the door for $7.00 on the night of each show. Doors open at 6:30p.m. for each show. Look forward to seeing you there!!! Check out our link:
  12. We hope all of you in the community will decide to come and support South Paulding High School's Fine Arts Department in our presentation of The Drowsy Chaperone. Although you may never have heard of this musical, it provides a spectacular show with comical characters, dancing, singing, and a beautiful set. All the cast and crew have worked extremely hard on the production of this show and we involved our students in as much as possible from set design to sound and lights. Don't miss out on a wonderful night for less than a movie. The cost for a ticket is $5.00 in advance and can be purchased at the door for $7.00. Dates for the show are April 21st, 22nd, and 23rd beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the SPHS Theatre. If you need anymore information please email us at sphsfinearts@gmail.com. We look forward to see you there!! Take a look at our youtube link for information
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