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Found 29 results

  1. After meeting him for the first time ever, I drove investigative reporter Michael Volpe to his hotel last weekend, after the townhall meeting where we met (Hosted by Empowering Strategies and The Child Support Hustle). We discussed our differences about the Rucki case, "Footprints in the Snow" as shown on ABC 20/20 and the Tsimhoni case. I believe he mentioned he had a story soon to be released and I think this is it. A targeted parent's worst nightmare, to find out the child you are being kept from is in an "active shooter incident" and you may never see your child again. I think Volpe got this story wrong. One parent clearly uses legitimate alienating statements but I'm glad the discussion is being had publicly nonetheless. I don't think any party in this matter is squeaky clean in this and I"m damn sure the legal professions are not. This story touches me personally. I've been prevented from spending time with my youngest daughter for the last 5+ years, by what, in my opinion, is collusion involving Chief Judge Tonny S. Beavers and a gateway employee for the CEO of The Home Depot (Corporate). As I see it, they have repeatedly used protective orders in violation of case law as ruled by the Georgia Supreme Court, to silence me. Many of you in Paulding County may remember a police chase in 2014 near South Paulding High School (when my youngest daughter was a sophomore) that caused the lockdown of the schools in the area. It had been initially reported as an active shooter incident but it was just a police chase of an armed suspect in the area. Looking at the kid's shirt in the photo, it looks eerily similar to Austin Middle School. Even if you don't agree with Volpe as I do not, this is a discussion worth having. Iin my opinion, the Mrs. Goldstein is an alienating parent that is playing the victim. That doesn't mean the other party is free of guilt. To shed light on what is really happening in the #familycourt #cultureofcorruption. And so that others can learn the truth about #abpa (attachment-based #parentalalienation) and #pathogenicparenting. http://dailycaller.com/2018/03/01/new-york-mother-son-stoneman-douglas-high-school-shooting/
  2. The family court culture of corruption was put on notice last month at the Parental Alienation Symposium in Dallas, TX. Advocates, lawyers, mental health professionals and others from 27 states and 4 countries were present. For those that are working towards a better future for all, it was incredibly educational and productive. #Focus #Determination #Love #Support
  3. This is actually reasonable if you have a judge that is not corrupted by hidden influences and therefore an active participant in the psychological abuse of children. Some judges will deny requests no matter how reasonably and politely they are presented.
  4. Is the American Psychological Association​ failing to protect abused children? American Psychological Association documents admit that parental alienation exists, that it is abuse, and that it is harmful, yet the APA has no official position. Click on the picture below to read the 21 page eBook.
  5. Clearly Angelina Jolie has had "daddy issues" of her own being "estranged" (or alienated) from her own father, John Voigt, for much of her life. Not to mention the rumors of Jolie self medicating. Was John Voigt the problem? Or was the other parent a wacko? Often times when someone is diagnosed with OCD, Anxiety Disorder or even Bipolar Disorder, the true diagnosis is in reality far worse. Because of liability most psychologists and psychiatrists will not pull the trigger on a harsh diagnosis without a dead body to accompany the true diagnosis. I hate that Brad Pitt has to endure this but I'm glad for the publicity and attention he'll bring to this form of child abuse. Johnny Depp didn't have kids to be exploited but we have seen just how sick the family court culture of corruption can be during his case with Amber Heard. They're going to try to break him and make it look like he is the problem. He can't give them the satisfaction. He has to stand strong and know that he is not alone. I hope Jason Patric of Stand Up For Gus is reaching out to him. Is this the type of thing that happens all too often, #OnBeaversWatch? Why did a local resident die on Chief Judge #TonnyBeavers watch? http://paulding.com/forum/topic/318790-shooting-of-jenna-wall-by-her-mil-raises-questionsissues/?p=4011806
  6. This is the story that Rocky's Mom mentioned in a previous thread. It is a case of clear parental alienation by one parent against the other. Initially, one parent's story is almost believable until the lies begin to unravel. Time always exposes the truth. In time, my daughter will see the light. I believe it is one of the reason's an effort is made to keep me from my daughter. When we reunite the truth will come out and people are afraid of that and the possible legal consequences. Pathogenic parenting and contact denial is child abuse. A lot of people didn't do the job they were elected/appointed to do. As people become educated on what is going on in family courts, this cash cow will be put to pasture. Most victims don't want to relive their trauma so if my daughter wants to move on, just being in her life again will be enough for me. Do instances of pathogenic parenting occur #OnBeaversWatch? Only TIME will tell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f7ih2n4BZk
  7. Would Judge #TonnyBeavers be this bold? (Rhetorical question) This story is flaming hot in the world of family law. Is this judicial misconduct or did the judge do the right thing? Clearly the kids are alienated but should they be held in contempt or should the alienating mom. Whatever your position is, this is a bold move. Full Transcript
  8. This is basically what happens when you take the "high ground" and don't educate others on parental alienation and what goes on in courts. You end up never seeing your kids again.
  9. This is a masterful depiction of #ParentalAlienation by a good friend, Joe Barrow, using an episode of Desperate Housewives. This is how a parent gets into the minds of children. It's difficult to prove, especially when a judge suffers from a severe case of confirmation bias mixed with plain stupidity and a dash of corruption. Judges who in no way protect children don't need to be on the bench. It's even worse when parent hides behind a child and says everything is the child's decision which is true to parentification and adultification tactics (when you empower a child to make adult decisions). Not to mention if there are sibling relationships that are being obstructed. The worst part is this is a "watered down" Hollywood depiction. In reality there is often no reconciliation or reunification. If an ex walked into the other parent's home unannounced as is done on the tv show, a judge would be issuing a protective order the next day due to false allegations of threats and abuse. I've seen it happen in Paulding County courts first hand on far lesser accusations. Most judges don't care that this is happening to children because the conflict creates motions and that makes money for lawyers who in turn hold campaign fundraisers and make campaign contributions for judges' re-election. -Gil Freeman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tir-0rIS8wY
  10. The video below is an example of parental alienation. This is the kind obstruction of contact that happens on Judge #TonnySBeavers watch. Loving parents are removed from their children's lives. #OnBeaversWatch. Does Judge Beavers hold any responsibility for a lack of accountability for these parent's actions? For over a decade, I have coached girls fastpitch and never once did anyone complain that I shouldn't be around children. For 6 years I've coached girls softball for Tommy Dooley at Paulding County Rec. 4 of those years (2005-2009) as a member of the Paulding County Softball Advisory Committee along with Sheriff Gary Gulledge, Toni Tibbetts, Jeff Summey and others. They're all conservative and I'm liberal so we have a very different view on life but I don't think any of them will tell you I shouldn't be around children or that I've had complaints from my teams' parents about being aggressive or abusive with girls. That includes the kids I've coached in Paulding County rec basketball as well as softball. Two of our adult girls live with me and I'm flat broke but child support obligations (15K+ in less than 2 years) are met and are not in arrears at all. Admittedly, sometimes my adult daughters give me the money to pay their mother the child support and then I pay them back. A teenager and young adult even offer to pay me rent to cover the child support. I'd rather they get their own start in life and finish school rather than be burdened with paying for their little sister. I'm very proud that they would offer. Adult kids wanting to help their dad and little sister doesn't fit the narrative or the confirmation bias of Judge Beavers' court of an aggresive and controlling dad, does it? (https://www.scribd.com/doc/263855864/Motion-to-Set-Aside-Amended-3) Once a direct report to the CEO at The Home Depot for nearly a decade or more, their mother continues to make a very good living at The Home Depot Corporate, in addition to the 719/mo CS that I provide for our youngest daughter. The daughter that not only am I alienated from but who is also blocked from seeing her sisters for nearly three years. It would be easy living for our two adult daughters to live with their mother and go to free concerts and events compliments of The Home Depot, but they choose not to. Yet for the last three years, I have been obstructed from my youngest daughter's life, on Judge #TonnySBeavers watch. The sad thing is... I am not the only parent that parental alienation is allowed to occur against on Judge #TonnyBeavers watch. Why would a judge allow emotional and psychological abuse of children, if that is what is occurring? Since court documents are public record, we are conducting a study on the effects of children since Judge Beavers' appointment by Democratic Governor Roy Barnes. We will let the record speak for itself and let you the voters decide if Judge #Beavers should continue in his current capacity. If you would like to participate in the study, please inbox me or email me at connect@alienationischildabuse.org. Everything will be held confidential. You can make your submissions anonymously but they may not be used. Everyone is afraid to speak out against Judge #Beavers so if he doesn't tolerate #ParentalAlienation, how does it occur? I am not afraid to speak out about what occurs #OnBeaversWatch. We will let the results speak for themselves. With all of the free time I have NOT spending time with my youngest daughter there is plenty of time to spend digging through public records. Respectfully, Gil Freeman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHcBLDEl424
  11. This case has really split the advocate and activist community. As an advocate for moms and dads of alienation cases, I can say with a clear conscience that Kelly Rutherford is no victim. She demonstrated many alienating behaviors and her all or none attitude is what got her into this mess. All or none attitudes are indicative of having at least the traits of one or more personality disorders. By conspiring to and getting her ex's visa revoked, she obstructed the father from THEIR children's lives and now she is getting a taste of her own medicine. Or is she? One thing is for certain, she has the option of "visiting" with their children and has done so. She has no right to parade around as a victim. Truly severely alienated parents don't get to visit with their children. Empowered by a cash for conflict family court system wrought with a culture of collusion amongst court professionals, disturbed parents are often able to complete a parentectomy of the targeted parent's relationship with the parties' child(ren). I don't completely agree with the court's decision but without compromise co-parenting is an impossibility. When there is no give and take, the children always lose. She gets to see her children and so long as that is an option that many don't have, she has something from which to build. A link to the story is below. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/style-blog/wp/2015/04/15/kelly-rutherford-loses-custody-case-after-wrenching-public-battle/
  12. Matching labels with behaviors- Some don't know there is a name for behaviors associated with poor parenting skills. Empowering a child to make adult decisions is as harmful to their mental development as inappropriate dress. Children should not be the decision makers of whether or not to see their other fit parent anymore than they should routinely wear make up and heels in public. If these parents were still together, talking to the other parent on the phone would not be an option. So because they are not together the rules have changed?
  13. The seeds of parental alienation are planted long before the divorce/break-up. When partnered with the right lawyer and judge, it becomes an amplified legal strategy. Make no mistake, courts are not naive to what goes on before them as has been shown in the corruption cases of Newnan, Augusta and Georgia as a whole. This is brilliantly done by Wendy Archer and Kristine Ashcraft. They are wonderful people and they present information in a manner that is easily palatable. One of my shortcomings, lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey7ud-ziPmM
  14. #FindTheOthers: What the opposing attorney is doing to you, they are doing to someone else. To expose the patterns of misconduct, find who else your opposing attorney is partnered with in abuse. Find the other attorneys that coach parental alienation and you will find more parents for the cause. Find the judges who allow it. Courts are not naive and often facilitate this brand of profiteering off the backs of children. Let the judges' legacies reflect what they have allowed to continue while feigning ignorance. Lawyers are lazy and the patterns of misconduct are present. They find a cookie cutter system they think works and they run it until you stop them. So long as you are divided and silenced, you are defeated. Some court records are kept online. So they are available 24/7/365. If your county or a neighboring county keeps records online, you have no excuse.(http://www.cobbsuperiorcourtclerk.org/courts/) If you know of an attorney that practices patterns of unethical conduct and do not wish to file a complaint yourself, contact us by email- connect@alienationischildabuse.org or at http://myadvocatecenter.com/contact-us/report-cases/
  15. Parental alienation is a totally encouraged legal strategy and a sham. The judges know it and they play stupid. Well, may be they aren't completely playing stoopid. It's definitely pay to play. If you don't have the money to dump on a lawyer everyone looks the other way. Deion Sanders ex found out he had the money and she lost with these tactics but for those that don't have money and or influence, it's a nightmare.
  16. Ryan Thomas provides insight into the tools of parental alienation (emotional and psychological child abuse). All of these keys are spot on but he leaves out the need for an enabling, gullible if not corrupt judge. Kangaroo courts are easily the fourth key to parental alienation. If they didn't tolerate it in the name of racketeering and profiteering, it wouldn't be so easy to employ such emotional and psychological abuse on children. Any judge (or lawyer) that ignores parental alienation lacks family values and should not receive the votes of family values voters. It is absolutely the courts that are at fault. If the parents could work it out amongst themselves like adults they wouldn't be in court in the first place. In my opinion, most family court lawyers make ambulance chasers look ethical and honest. #YouAreNotAlone #FindTheOthers #IfWeStayTogetherWeSurvive I do not trust words I even question actions I never doubt patterns of professional misconduct https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQgY2kFmlMk&feature=player_detailpage
  17. I am so proud of Michelle. She is fierce and relentless in the face of her ex and his billionaire wife who Forbes says has a net worth of 2.4 billion and is one of the top 5 most powerful women. These women are subjecting "troubled" courts and "legal professionals of interest" to the court of public opinion.
  18. Taylor Drake has filed a motion in behalf of John Murphy that Michelle Murphy be fined $500/day for speaking out about her troubled custody case in Newnan. Both parties have made posts on their respective social media pages concerning the case so I would think the "Clean Hands Doctorine" would apply at the very least. Apparently the boys 13 and 16 are not given say in their own custody case as evidence and their own testimony has been suppressed by the court and legal professionals of interest in the case. It seems the court of public opinion is weighing the evidence that the trial court has suppressed and public opinion is siding with Ms. Murphy. As these things go, as soon as one side starts losing the PR war even though it has a team of law firms and a professional PR representative, they want to start screaming for privacy and the "best interests of children". At age 13 and 16, any child old enough to be charged with a crime as an adult should be able to testify in their own interest. Court matters are public record and it doesn't appear that Ms. Murphy has released anything in the public domain that is not public record. It is a disservice to the public when courts attempt to operate in secrecy and suppress evidence under cover of darkness. http://www.freejackandthomas.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/b41111-Excerpt-from-Taylor-Drake-filing-re-social-media.pdf
  19. This is a young lady's story of her childhood dealings with parental alienation. This is long but it is one of the best videos ever made by a child of alienation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h30D3dcr9js
  20. It's tragic when courts allow and enable siblings to be ripped apart. Is this in the best interest of children? Adversarial roles between parents is definitely in the best interests of making money for lawyers. #YouAreNotAlone #ThereAreOthers #FindThem #WorkTogether https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZUrJZCNJkg
  21. After a decade away from her father, Sabrina Allen is suffering from "Parental Alienation Syndrome". Because of the controversy surrounding the term it's amazing that the news story even mentions the "syndrome" aspect. It is a useful tool for many lawyers so the ABA and other powerful lobbies refute it even exists or occurs. http://www.keyetv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/sabrina-allens-dad-there-plenty-hurdles-go-21191.shtml
  22. Sadly this is happening in our courts locally and globally. This is a beautiful speech by a young lady who had been alienated from her father but she refused to give up as did her dad. Her dad even went to prison as a result of courtroom corruption. Courts and lawyers kept things stirred up to profit from her family's grief. Many kids know what's happening to them and they will speak of the atrocities and what they overheard. Well done young lady... well done. "They robbed 9 years of my life." "Happy families make no money for them." #FamilyLawIndustrialComplex #SpeakOut #YourTurnNextUp #YouAreNotAlone #ThereAreOthers #FindThem #SilenceIsComplicity #SilenceIsConsent #StopTheSilence http://parentalalienationvideos.weebly.com/pa-videos-blog/heartbreaking-testimony-by-a-loving-daughter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l73HumVNtUg
  23. Moms are alienated too. I'm often criticized for my hard stance against alienating moms. The fact is Moms win custody in gender bias courts 86% of the time. But some moms are alienated just the same. A FB follower posted this on a page that I help admin. Some judges don't understand the damage they cause without care or conscience for common decency. ____________________________________________________ My son Cyrus was kidnapped by his father and his parents in 2007. Estranged since 2010- haven't seen or talked to him since despite unsuccessful court battle after court battle....now dealing with drained finances, daily devastation, etc. I'm shocked, saddened and appalled to know there are thousands of us in the same situation. What was once a loving, healthy relationship has now been severed. His 11th birthday is at the end of this month and I dread every September as we share the same birth month- only 5 days apart. I still haven't found a way to cope with the pain, although it's been years now. I normally don't have words for the pain because it's beyond description. But last night I was inspired to draft this first-ever poem I've written for him entitled: "I Would've". I'm hoping this will bring some release to those in a similar situation, but don't have the words to express the pain. God Bless you all. "I Would've" I would've said "I love you, Cy!" a thousand times a day. I would've knelt by your bed each night- would've taught you how to pray I would've held you close, so tight, til you said, "Mom, enough, get off!" I know there is no way I could ever get enough Being your mom was a joy and a pleasure Taking care of you was an honor all my own I never thought it could be possible To be evicted from my own home I would've told you every day all the ways you can succeed I would've known no other way with you than to cheer lead Year in year out, I would've watched you grow Celebrating your successes, encouraging you in your failures You would've felt my love in a tangible way, more than you might ever know Knowing what I know now, and the monumental ways I've grown...I never would've allowed The situation to get out of hand, no matter how loud The noises of opposition and disapproval that came my way I've learned from my mistakes and something like this could never happen today But no matter now since, now it's too late, the damage has been done Severed we are...hearts apart, and yet my heart's so near So near to yours', morning, noon and night There isn't a moment that goes by that you aren't in sight On my heart in my mind's eye, I see you all the time In my dreams, we embrace and spend long overdue visits together To make up for lost time....I wake up so happy and so devastated. Simultaneously... "Theft", a word that has a new meaning to me all it's own Years, precious moments reserved only for a mother and son, never to be redeemed or replaced How? How could I have been so weak, misguided, deluded to allow such a travesty to take place? My prayer is that one day soon, I see your face Look you in the eye and say with confidence and joy that my love is pure, true, real, and everlasting If only I could.
  24. Parental alienation is pandemic. It is largely absent in third world countries. This is a story from a UK reader on one of the Facebook pages I help admin. I always seem to get the other side of the coin from some here which is extremely helpful though baffling as to how some think the way they do. _________________________________________________ Daddy where are you? Why don't you care ? A story of a brainwashed child. Through the child's eyes...... When I was little I was happy. My mummy and daddy were here I had not a care in the world. My daddy saw me walk for the 1st time, talk for the 1st time, walk me to school and play silly games . We went on holidays and laughed everyday. I loved my mummy I loved my daddy and they loved me back. But one day mummy and daddy broke up, I was too young to understand. Mummy was crying and angry all the time. My daddy kept seeing me at 1st but it wasn't the same, I was with mum and with dad but never them both. As time moved past my daddy wasn't around so much . The games we played were not so much . Mummy said daddy wanted to take me away from her and was taking her to court. It made me sad. Dad said he loves me and just wants to see me some of the time in the week. I'm confused. Daddy found a new girlfriend which made mummy angry. Suddenly I hadn't seen daddy in months. Mummy said he doesn't care about me. I'm confused . All I kept hearing was mummy saying on the phone to daddy you're not seeing him? Surely that means he does. But I believe mummy, why would she say he doesn't care when he does? One day mummy was angry she told me that daddy's girlfriend was sending her mean messages. I never saw the messages, nobody did but it must be true. I don't want to meet her ever. Everyday mum was crying. Dad must of really hurt her which makes me angry . However when the courts said I can see daddy we had fun. He would take me go karting and I would see my family. I'm confused. It was my sports day for year 5. Mummy said she had to work so there would be no one going. Daddy surprised me and came. It made me really happy. Dad was happy too. 2 days later mummy had a black eye and said daddy beat her up. That's strange as daddy got his rights to see me and was happy at the sports day. How could he do this. I hate him again. I had to then see daddy at a contact center. Mummy said it was because he was violent and had to be watched. After time I got to occasionally see daddy again and things were ok. I finally met Sam and despite all the things I heard I kinda liked her. She bought me a McDonald's and played on the wii. I didn't want to upset mum so I didn't tell her for a few weeks. I kept seeing daddy and it was fun. I told mum I met Sammy and she cried. She said that Sammy tried to run her over. This made me angry. I didn't see dad for a while. But when I did I didn't want to be anywhere near that horrible woman. In fact, I didn't want to be near dad for what he has done to my mummy. Still the courts made me. I still love dad but I don't like what he has done. One day on a Tuesday me and mummy went to meet daddy in town for handover. Daddy wasn't there. Mummy said I told you he doesn't care. This upset me. But daddy said that he doesn't see me on a Tuesday he sees him on a Thursday. Daddy's lying. Mummy said daddy's mean. He tried to burn our house down and kills us. I'm so upset . He's evil. Daddy said no way he could do anything like that. The fireman said mummy left ghds [hair straighteners] on the bed. Mum said dad was lying. I hate dad. The last time I saw dad was just before Xmas. Daddy said he's looking forward to seeing me Xmas day as he hasn't seen me on that day for 5 years. Mummy cried and said she will be all alone. I need to stay with mummy. I don't want to spend Xmas with him and her and his family. I hate them they are liars and they are evil all of them. I'm going to be as bad as I can to stop seeing daddy. And it worked. Daddy stopped. I'm so happy. Just me and mummy now. Mummy went to court to make sure daddy would lose his rights to see me. Daddy kept trying to still buy me Xmas, birthday and school clothes. But we send them right back. Nanny is now refusing gifts being sent so daddy can't send anything anymore. Mum said he doesn't care about me now and he doesn't want to see me anyway. This does still make me sad but I'm happy he's gone.
  25. Learn the facts, stop the acts. Parental alienation is often a strategy coached by some lawyers. Parental alienation is child abuse. If you see someone alienating a child, tell them to stop. Bystander apathy calls upon you to look the other way. If you do, when the damaged child becomes an adult that child becomes society's problem. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joseph-e-cordell/is-your-ex-turning-your-c_1_b_5691359.html Recent studies have found that some level of parental alienation can be found in 11-15 percent of divorces involving children, and that severe alienation can be classified as abuse (though it is often overlooked). Children can suffer from many issues that hamper development during their most impressionable years, including depression, low self-esteem, trust issues, and an increased risk of developing substance abuse problems. In severe of cases where one parent actively contributes to alienating the other, it becomes what is known as Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). While it has long been debated whether PAS is an actual clinical condition, the most recent version American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders finally added a section under the child psychological abuse category called parent-child relational problem that encompasses PAS: "Non-accidental verbal or symbolic acts by a child's parent or caregiver that result, or have reasonable potential to result, in significant psychological harm to the child."
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