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Found 1 result

  1. Paulding County Citizens, I spent the past couple of hours reading the various post on the support airport Facebook page, and a few things became quite apparent. First, almost a majority of the folks on that page who are belittling the citizens of this county do not live in this county, nor do they pay property taxes in this county. And most of all they do not have a vote in this county as to who will be representing the citizens of this county. Therefore their bitches, gripes, complaints, etc. are unfounded and will have no bearing as to whether the airport will be a commercial airport or a General Aviation. Moreover, since they have not had access to all the events that surround the airport, they have formed a bias opinion based simply on what has been spoon fed to them on the support Facebook page, and some have worked themselves in to frenzy to the point of really using some abusive and misguided comments toward fellow citizens of our County. The Stop Airport Expansion Group has held three meetings in Paulding County, sort of informational type/town hall meeting type in which facts were laid out in easy to understand formats, along with elected officials (Commissioners) who answered questions from those present and were even broadcasted live . At the anti-airport “Meet the Candidates” meeting prior to the election, all candidates for the upcoming election were invited to attend and were given ample time to talk with the citizens present both during the meeting and after. All but one candidate (pro-airport) candidate attended and he was soundly defeated. Three other pro-airport candidates were also soundly defeated in landslide fashion. One candidate even defeated two challengers without a run off!!! Another commissioner was elected by the highest vote total EVER amassed by a commissioner that I know of in the past twelve years. So, that certainly is not what you have been led to believe now is it??? I am amazed at some of the folks that are spewing out misinformation. People who I consider friends, a well-educated person who works as a Paralegal in a well-respected law firm here in the county, and others who have various different businesses in this county, who have allowed their names to be placed on full page ads supporting something that a majority of the citizens have NEVER supported in this county and never will. The anti-airport group has urged the leadership of this county from day one to hold town hall type meetings, then have a vote and let the citizens decide if they want a commercial airport or a General Aviation airport, yet we have been rebuked at every turn, because a small group of elected and appointed folks (less than ten) are determined to cram this down the throats of the citizens. Folks, here is the cold hard facts and if you doubt this attend the August 11, 2015 Board of Commissioners meeting. David Austin has proposed to collect another $6,000,000 from the citizens of Paulding County through the increase of the tax digest and property reevaluations over and above last year. In addition, Chairman Austin has proposed AGAIN THIS YEAR to use the reserve fund to balance the budget by using millions to pay for capital improvements and equipment that is proposed in this year’s budget, which should be budgeted and paid for out of the General fund. If this continues we will see our credit worthiness plunge, and we will be required to pay higher bond rates to secure money for any major project. Millions of dollars have been poured into the airport to provide sewer, water tank, corporate hanger, terminal building, fuel farm, Air Shows, crash truck, roads, maintenance and operations, salaries and benefits for two of the three jobs that have been created there. All of these items were either paid out of SPLOST Taxes, the General fund, or through a Bond issued by the IBA. Heck, we are in debt for $6,000,000+ for the sewer line to the airport! Another bond issued by the IBA for the corporate hanger is $ 2,000,000 plus another bond by the IBA for $1,200,000 for the water tank. The IBA issued another bond for $6,000,000+ for the film studio. None of this will be refunded by the FAA in any shape form or fashion regardless of what the folks on the support page say. Your taxes are going up this year to help pay for these bonds and purchases which include cost associated with the expansion of the airport to provide commercial passenger service. Want to know the facts first hand… send an e-mail to David Austin, Boyd Austin, Dave Carmichael, Tabitha Pollard or any commissioner you feel comfortable with, and request all of the information below to be forwarded to you under the provisions of the Open Records Act of the State of Georgia. It is past time for the truth to be known on the critical issues that is dividing our county. Get involved and get the truth and please allow the citizens of Paulding County to resolve this issue! Address the following request to Boyd Austin, Mayor, City of Dallas Georgia Boyd Austin, Chairman of the Industrial Building Authority Dear Sir, I respectfully request the following information that pertains to Bonds that have been issued by the City of Dallas through the Industrial Building Authority, and other bonds that were issued by the Paulding County Government through the IBA on these specific projects that directly affect the Paulding County Airport and the Film Studio. Please provide the cost of each item and the party/parties responsible for the payment of these bond issues, and any reimbursement from the Federal Aviation Administration that may be applicable. 1 -The extension of the sewerage line from the Vista Lake Subdivision to the East end of the Paulding County Airport property. 2-Fuel Farm and Jet Center for Paulding County Airport 3- Corporate hanger, Paulding County Airport/ 4-Terminal Building, Paulding County Airport 5- Water tank, Paulding County Airport 6- Road from Highway 278 to the Paulding County Airport 7-Taxi way and runway extension 8- Any other bonds by the IBA through the City of Dallas and/or Paulding County for the purpose of building or expanding and the maintenance of the Paulding County Airport. 9-Bond for the Film Studio 10- Financial statement indicating the inability to pay the Bond debt on the Film Studio, water tank, and the corporate hanger which was due on August 1, 2015 and was required to be paid out of the general fund. Please provide this information electronically to avoid any coping cost. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation Name Address Phone number E-mail address Send this request to tclark@Dallas-ga.gov. Cc Yolanda.Newell@pauldingairport.com To further clarify the total cost to the tax payers of the County for the maintenance and construction of the airport, you may want to send the following request to David Austin Chairman of the Paulding County commissioners and ask the following questions Pursuant to the open records act of the State of Georgia, I respectfully request the following information: What is the total cost spent on the airport to date? This includes all construction cost, and the maintenance and operations of the facility. How many millions of tax dollars has been spent on the construction and maintenance and operations that will not be reimbursed by the FAA? Send this e-mail to commissioners@paulding.gov Attention: David Austin rebecca.merideth@paulding.gov Attention: David Austin Name Address Phone # E-mail Please provide this information electronically to avoid any coping cost. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. Paulding County Citizens, if you will do these two things you will see which Facebook group has been truthful in the information being provided to you. Most important, though the Industrial Building Authority is totally out of control and has amassed a bond debt of millions, some estimates are $27,000,000 dollars that can only be repaid through higher fees and taxes, time to take action – attend the August 11 2015 Board of Commissioners Meetings!
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