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Paulding Business Membership 

Was created out of LOVE  :wub: for "OUR" community!



The new Paulding.com is focused on benefiting our community through news, affordable local advertising, and charitable giving.

Our members will be able to vote for funds to be donated to local charities or individuals with special needs. :wub:



Paulding.com  business membership is 200.00 for one year. This allows you to advertise directly to our members by posting in the business forum. It also allows you to have a second personal membership that allows you to post as a community member.


Banner ads are $100.00 a month the artwork and set up fee is $50.00. Your $50.00 set up fee goes directly to our community charity fund. These funds will be donated to those entities with the greatest need in our community.


Banner ads are month to month with no contract, with the first month covered by your initial $200.00 membership and set up fee.










*** Business Owner will supply their LOGO/Description of business/artwork for Paulding.com

to create their Banner.  Designing a Business LOGO/ARTWORK for your Business is Available

but not included in $200.00 Annual Business Membership.

Contact Laurie Penney at 770-655-1573 

so we may schedule your Designing Session with OUR Designer.





Have a Blessed Day & Thank YOU for Supporting Paulding.com:wub:






This is a FREE Membership to Paulding.com


Enjoy and remember to leave PAULDING.com better than you

found it!


Have a BLESSED Day!




 This membership was created out of LOVE  :wub: for "OUR" community!

$15.00 of the $30.00 Membership fee will be DONATED to a LOCAL Charity

on a monthly basis (Last Day of The Month)by the Members of

Paulding.com through out the year. The Members of Paulding.com

will VOTE by POLL on Paulding.com as to who WINS Each Month!


Enjoy and remember to leave PAULDING.com better than you

found it!


Have a BLESSED Day! & Thank YOU for Your Supporting Paulding.com! :wub:







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