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  1. i'm from red bank as well. i graduated here, south cobb high 92.. we moved here in the late 79, but my parents graduated from red bank high in 1970. ) it's small town, changed a lot over the years, but i LOVED it.
  2. i actually saw a picture of the boat that did a rescue at our house, on wsbtv.com. there are a TON of pictures, but it shows the boat about to go around a house. also, i posted one on here sunday night. look in the scanner forum from that night. i don't think it'll help you though, it was dark, and you could only see the shape of the boat and all of the lights. lots of lights. lol but the boat was in my front yard, and the driver told me he was a plumber. super nice dude.
  3. yeah, we're okay... the water came about 2 feet from our house, so we're the lucky ones on morningside. everybody around us got hit, though. how are you guys? i heard there was some flooding in your area?
  4. i live on morningside as well.... did they find their dog? we've been keeping an eye out. i don't know the sosebee's, but i met a daughter monday morning. and.... i'm thinking the house that was vandalized is next door to your aunt & uncle. very sorry to hear about this. i live across the street from your parents. lovely people. i have a few pictures of your parents' house under water if you'd like to see them. i can email them to you, if you'd like.
  5. want to see a picture of a rescue boat in my front yard? we live on morningside drive, our neighbors needed help getting out. our neighbor had pulled his truck up in our yard, earlier in the night.
  6. we love you so much mawmaw! you will be terribly missed. all of our love. wesley, michelle, megan, jake & hunter
  7. SUCH a cutie patootie!! i LOVE her hair and eyes. you don't happen to have a two-for deal coming up do you? for jake & hunter, 4 year old twins. i haven't had their pictures done in more than a year . you took one picture of them before, remember... the christmas parade, they were in the wagon.
  8. is this the family that has the big antique store in downtown dallas?
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