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  1. Georgia's standard deduction has needed to be changed for years. It is pitiful compared to other states. From my 20+ years experience, most other states give a choice to itemize or take the standard...or the state standard deduction is as much or more than the federal standard. Our state legislators need to update our state tax code and significantly increase the standard deduction. There are other things that bother me about the state (why does a senior married couple get up to $130,000 in pension/retirement income tax free AND tax free social security, yet a single mom making $30,000 will owe the state around $1000?)
  2. There are still several stations that have gas. I filled about an hour ago at one on 120 (Dallas Hwy) across from the Hardy dealerships. Saw three others on Merchants/Business 6 with cars pumping ....and my husband filled up somewhere around Ridge Rd about two hours ago. As long as the shortage is not prolonged, we should be good. And whoever said we are waiting in line to get gas...thus creating the shortage....you are right. I was on fumes. My husband had a quarter tank, and we are headed to Dawsonville for a wedding this afternoon, so we needed to fill up today. If not for that, I would have waited.
  3. Good that you know that. And.....for those that aren't exempt from the penalty, keep your withholdings low enough that you aren't due a refund. The IRS will keep your refund, but they can't make you pay the penalty out of pocket. I'm furious over this entire unconstitutional mess. And in the same boat. I refuse to pay $1500-1800 a month and $12,000 deductible (what we've been quoted) for this garbage. And LPPT, I don't blame only the insurance companies. Due to all the government regulations, doctors are required to handle boatloads of paperwork. A friend who is an office manager for several offices has said many times, 75% of the employees they have could be eliminated if not for filing Medicare, insurance and government paperwork. I think most of us would love to have a catastrophic policy and just let us be completely responsible for all other healthcare. While we currently have insurance through my husband's employer, I haven't used it in several years. I just say I'm cash pay and there ya go. While the postman doesn't want an employer handling his insurance, I sure as hell don't care for this corrupt govt having my medical information.
  4. My son designed a portable wheelchair lift for his senior project while getting his Mechanical Engineering degree. He went to a local engineering company to purchase materials and the guy was so impressed with the plans that he donated the materials. He was then so impressed with the finished lift that he offered my son a job. (sorry gotta brag on the boy). I will ask him if the lift is being sold anywhere. While most of these lifts have to be installed in the vehicle, the one they designed is only around 40 lbs and can be folded up and fit into most trunks. The advantage to this is, of course, the ability to use various vehicles and the lift can be used in the house. I will see what I can find out.
  5. So very sorry to hear this. My mother died from ALS in 2001. It was hell. Has your daughter contacted the ALS association? They may be able to help.
  6. If any of you knew this family, you would be heart broken for them. They are fabulous parents and truly good people. As said earlier, if not for the grace of God.............
  7. I just hope whoever is working on Hiram-Sudie isn't the same people in charge of downtown Hiram.
  8. Laurie, I have the book, Final Gifts, at my office if you would like to read it. I'll be here all day.
  9. Laurie, my mother died from ALS several years ago. I was the strong one. The best book I read is titled "Final Gifts". It was written by hospice workers. I may still have it....will look when I get home tonight. The most important thing I remember for my situation with my mother was that she needed to know we would be okay. I told her if she was ready to go, we would miss her but we knew she was tired and we would take care of Daddy. That seemed to be what she needed to hear, as she indicated to him (she could no longer speak or even move anything other than blinking her eyelids) that she wanted the ventilator turned off soon after our conversation. ((((hugs))))
  10. Try out Automotive Engineering in Hiram. New owner...........used to be Fred's Auto Service. Very honest and reasonable. 99 Commodore Path...on the other side of 278 from the movie theater...behind the G Spot....but I'm not supposed to say that.
  11. All of these are important and I take every one....plus probiotics. But....if you are over 50, your body will have a very difficult time producing and maintaining balance of the endocrine system..........too much estrogen, insulin, cortisol.........not enough testosterone, progesterone, thyroid. Supplementing the actual hormone for which you are low and balancing the entire system will eliminate the majority of common symptoms of aging---without drugs! Yes, going to the run of the mill doctor offices will most likely get you no where....they are trained in medical schools funded by drug companies. They are not taught holistic health care--they are taught allopathic. If you have this symptom, you take this drug. If the drugs don't work, we will do surgery! Very little about restoring what is missing. If you are depressed, your body is not lacking Prozac! But it may be very low on thyroid or testosterone. You know I speak from experience....which I don't have time to go into, but all I can do is preach the truth. I can't make anyone listen. Keep taking the drugs while your body starves for what it really needs. There is a ob-gyn office in Marietta that provides bio-identical hormone treatment. I have been there for a general physical but have not been treated there. I just wanted to find an ob-gyn who was not hostile to an alternative to synthetic hormones---Premarin & Provera. There are a number of clinics in the Atlanta area that can help but most insurance companies will not cover the entire cost. I don't care. I spend roughly $1200 a year for my well care...which in my opinion keeps me from needing to go to the doctor for illness, chonic problems or needing drugs. It boggles my mind to watch the drug commercials and listen to the side effects and think that anyone would be willing to take these drugs!
  12. Lowrider, one of the most interesting facts I discovered a few years back.......the primary building block of testosterone ? Cholesterol! Without cholesterol, our bodies can't manufacture testosterone! And even women need testosterone for optimal health. Testosterone does so much more than producing sex drive. It helps build muscle, helps joints, brain function, etc., etc. If you are depressed, constantly cold, have joint pain, low sex drive, low energy, loss of muscle, ..............all of these are symptoms of low testosterone. And it is criminal how the FDA and pharma have continued to change the definition of "high" cholesterol to justify giving their drugs to more and more people who aren't even needing them.
  13. This is on FB : Update: hey wonderful thing happened today to Benjamin. He had his respiration to removed and is breathing on his own and even rolled to his side. He is still in ICU but he is communicating with everyone during his brief moments of awakeness. God is good he's going to heal. Dillon who will remain in the hospital for a few more days is also healing. This is a slow progress. But it's a blessing to know that we still have them. His heart is broken from losing his best friends. And he wants everybody to concentrate on them and their family. He still has a fractured skull which is going to take months to heal. His cheek was fractured and his left ear has a fracture of some sort that caused him to have balloon type thing to keep it open. He may lose hearing we won't know for a while. In this terrible tragedy these few milestones that these boys are already making are a blessing. The road to recovery is long for both of them. And they are so grateful for the love and support everyone, friends, family and even strangers have given them. I beg that we keep it up because everyone knows the heart is the hardest thing to heal. God bless and I'll keep everybody informed as much as I can.
  14. It would seem to me the contractor would be willing to pay this.......and deduct it from what he is paying the sub. At least what I would do if it was my business.
  15. I know you probably don't have enough volume to consider this, but I invest in Okidata laser printers. They are more up front, but the toner cartridges last forever (at least at home........but even with the high volume printing we do at our office, they last 30,000 - 40,000 pages). Not sure of the prices now, but in the long term, much more affordable than ink jet.
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