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  1. AVON orders placed that mention Lori I will donate my earnings to her fundraiser. You can shop online at my website and pick your order to be delivered by me or straight to your house. youravon.com/lgibson1730
  2. I am a stay at home/work at home mom so I will be spending the summer with 5 & 2 year olds. We normally do Six Flags season passes but decided not to this year and instead we got a above ground pool for the back yard. So we will be spending time around here. Also when we need some sand time we love the VFW Lake off Buchanan Hwy. I am a member of nwatlantamommies.com and we will be doing stuff with them all summer. Steive B's tour,Coldstone tour,park days,movies,free cartoons at the Dallas theater etc...I will also be working during the summer to grow my Avon business.
  3. I was surprised to find a bunch of GA stuff at the Dollar General by the Hospital
  4. Let me think and I will come up with some.
  5. My son's prek last year didnt do it and I was upset. He goes to Union for the record lol I dont know what exactly the ceremony will be but I know parents were invited to stay for brunch afterwards. I will tell ya what goes on Thursday.
  6. We had graduation pictures and are having a Commencement ceremony of some sort on Thursday for them. He is in public school in Paulding.
  7. LPPT is very open minded hehe we had a blast on Saturday!! I bet she comes back next time also
  8. Really? And you were the one calling others immature? All she ask was the same thing 2 others did. She is far from fat and redneck nah she just enjoys a good time with friends...love how your so quck to judge somebody. Only person making an arse out of themselves is you at this point. What changed? Wesley mad no changes. There were less people there but we pointed out more rides would mean less people. We aren't just trying to piss people have we want Wesley to have a fair chance.
  9. What changed? There was nothing different this time than any other time I have been there!!
  10. I second the BLAST! LPPT I enjoyed spending the afternoon with you in the back of Wesley's truck!! We had a great view. Some of my other favorite pics!
  11. lol do I need to give you a wake up call? My truck is going on the trailer before then so all we have to do is pull out of the driveway that morning! You can pull an all nighter and come!
  12. LPPT will I see you bright and early Saturday morning?!?!
  13. North GA Baptist has a prek that is twice a week (wouldnt help in the summer though) but dont think they do MMO anymore.
  14. I see proof of lots of drinking but no drinking AND driving. The trucks were parked like that from set up for the filming and many trucks were there when we left to be picked up the next day as their owners carpooled home with a DD!! I know I didnt say there wasnt ANY just said I could account for those I hang out with and know. This was a private event for the fliming of the video. Later than the normal events that end b/t 4 & 6.
  15. ack then count me out cause I am not up by then lol and hubby leaves about 5 so I couldnt leave the kids here lol
  16. I will do it with ya! I am by Roses and normally walk at Union Elem. but how early are we talking? I cant do anything til I put one kid on the bus at 7.
  17. You better find me!! Uggh wish it was at night. Hmm I have to get my kid off the bus but will figure something out!! Love the band and the video just wish it didnt start out on the back of my head lol I DONT KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO SAY IT. Off duty deputys are paid to patrol and WORK. I have seen one arrest for a DUI and that was INSIDE the park so they do their job inside and outside watching for those that dont have brains. Which you cant say everyone that goes up there drinks gets in the car and drives home. Everyone I know take turns at all the rides to be DD. Wesley even lets people leave their trucks/trailers/cars up there overnight so those that drove there can ride home with a sobor person and get there stuff the next day. I am totally against drinking and driving but it happens everywhere, everyday at many large events. We went to a concert on a Army Base in AL they were SELLING beer by the pitchers. At least Wesley doesnt sell alcohol. Things could be worse.
  18. My niece and nephew had it and have been great every since.
  19. Just to add.. There "shouldnt" be any trees cleared at Wesleys. So no displaced animals. It is/was pasture land and a old lake bottom. Been cleared for a while.
  20. Was waiting on somebody to bring this up. MANY business and political figures enjoy some good ol' mud truck wallowing. Many business's in Paulding have their own mud trucks to promote advertise their business's. Dozens actually.
  21. As far as environmental impact? what are you wanting to know. We play in a old lake bottom all the mud is contained and there isnt any "new" destroying of land. As far as dollar amounts...hell I dunno but I know we keep the gas station off 61 busy on ride days. Also the restaurants that have trailers they cook and sell food from we help the make $. It has been going on for years now and the complaints we have heard were traffic so the entry traffic was moved to avoid neighborhoods. I have heard complaints of noise but others that live in the same exact area say they cant hear it at all. Most of the rides are done by 4-6 because of the county rules on us making noise out there after dark. The rest of the complaints I see are just people down right against the place being there even if it doesnt affect them at all. During the next ride I believe I will go park in this neighborhood to see how much can actually be heard. Being I dont know for sure and cant speak on that I shall find out.
  22. It is called a Hobby and many folks have these. Mud Bogging is not the only hobby at my house. We have a race car that my husband drag races also. Even though after the closing of Dallas we have to driver HOURS to do so but we wont go there. That is a whole different topic lol I dont do plants,sewing,reading etc....but I dont go around saying that people are backwards because of what they do. We dont all have to have the same hobbys. Call me a pig all you want cause wallowing in the mud in a truck or on a 4 wheeler or hell I went swimming in the mud hole at Wesleys for beach balls full of mud and came out with $$ is lots of fun maybe all these close minded people should come see how much fun it really is. A real life? what exactly is the definition of real life? We work,pay our bills,pay our taxes and spend our money on our hobby's that sounds like a good life to me.
  23. Exaclty and if Wesley continues to get the support his needs more people will come from out of state and then every hotel in Paulding (hell we may need to build some more) will be booked at least for our largest rides New Yeas & Christmas and where will they eat ohhhhh yeah in Paulding. Hmmm and everything else they will need while they are here! Just like in Perry every hotel was booked MONTHS in advance and brought that town tooooooons of money! He also does Monster Truck Parties where he will take the kids for a ride in his truck!!
  24. Many of the Paulding Co. Crew go twice a year. I went for my first time in March and plan on going back. But there is no reason why we cant continue playing at Wesley's. Maybe everyone shouldn't be ticked at the people who enjoy going to ride. We are just loyal customers to a mans business in which he supports his family with. I don't like seeing a million oil change places down 278 but everyone has their right to apply for a business license and follow all the proper rules to be approved to have a business in the county. And that is exactly what Wesley has done. After the last New Year's ride where traffic was bothering the neighborhoods he made other traffic arrangements,got more people working the gate so traffic didn't back up. He has done TONS of things to try and make people happy but it flat out seems that some of you don't enjoy the hobby so your think it should be stopped. Hell I may not like things other people do but I sure as hell don't make it my business to stop what they are doing. I would like to point out that the band Wesley hires are LOCAL PAULDING CO. BOYS trying to make a living off singing. The food served is from local restaurants who come out there to cook and make money for themselves. The Paulding Meth Alliance has set a booth up to pass out information and reach out to the community. There have been a handful of local groups/businesses/vendors who have set up out there. So he is already supporting MANY other local businesses/groups who could all use the business and exposure. Somebody else mentioned it wasn't just the guys who have fun. And they are correct there is not more of any certain age,race or gender out there. You will find that MANY enjoy the sport. As far as the mud bog contributing to the rise in drinking and DUI's etc....show me proof cause when we aren't mud bogging I know 1/2 the people that drink regularly are probably sitting in a bar,at a concert,local restaurant or in their own back yard having a few drinks and then the irresponsible ones get behind the wheel. You cant tell me that the DUI's go up JUST because of the mud bog. Sorry wont buy it. Idiots will be idiots with or without a mud bog going on. Off duty Paulding Deputy's are paid to patrol and control the crowd. And THEY DO. They have escorted people out for behavior that is not allowed plenty. Including DUI's INSIDE the private property. So that shows they are controlling the drinking inside and I know the guys patrol the area as everyone is leaving to watch for the idiots also. They also keep an eye out for fighting and other unacceptable behavior to keep the mud bog safe and under control.
  25. Mudding over by this place didnt come when Wesley's started this place. "Lucas Rd" has been a giant mudding area for about 15 years now. I used to go with my Dad when I was younger out there. He is not getting rich and he has done nothing but what the county has required since he started why do you think he has been dealing with the count so freaking much and tip toeing around the rules they have put in place. Your wife lives in fear? Really very strange response there not much I can say about that. Oh yeah for sure. And many trucks are all trailer in now so that cuts down on the mud in the road. I know there are some that are crazy enough to go in it in their street trucks but the wash gets them cleaned off and the gravel gets the rest before you get out on the main road.
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