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  1. If you go to Villa Rica and just want to watch Fire Works. Park in the Tool Rental parking lot on the hill before the park. People will park ALL over the median and both sides of the road down there and it will be a disaster when its time to leave so park with a good exit strategy lol
  2. I know who sliced her shoulder open It still hurts btw
  3. Taylor Farm in Paulding will have them next weekend the 9th Villa Rica will have there's this weekend the 2nd at the V-Plex but its crazy also! Im sure Douglasville will have some this or next weekend.
  4. I know a girl who is about to pop. She is literally!
  5. That was the rule when we got the f350 dually haha
  6. Sent you a PM with a friends info!
  7. Sorry to hear a man lost his life and there were so many injuries. I must of came through after most of the clean up was done.
  8. I was stuck on 278 in traffic after this all happened.
  9. Soooo glad to here!!
  10. We should be in Atl. with the Wakulla Offroad crew from FL hanging out and going to the 4 Wheel Parts Expo at the Galleria. They are coming up for the weekend. Planned before we heard everyone was going to Blakely.
  11. I am registered on nwatlantamommies.com we do stuff in and around Paulding weekly. Register and put AvonMomm2Boys as your refferel. We are doing free cartoons,playdate at my house and others houses,library activities,stevie b's tour,coldstone tour,firestation tour,park days and much much more all summer long! Come join us. I have almost 3 and 6 year old boys.
  12. I enjoy going to Wesley's and hanging out and not everyone drinks. IMO beer is nasty and I prefer not to drink liqour away from my house or a tent lol After learning Wesleys didnt enforce more than one rule and it hurt his request then I backed down from giving him my full support. He is the only one that knows ALL the rules HE must make sure are followed so we cant help there. If he knew the rules then he should of made sure they were followed. If the drinking wasnt allowed with his permit then he should enforce it. If people cant have fun without drinking then they really dont know how to have fun. But drok is correct not everyone drinks out there and just because there is drinking doesnt mean that EVERYONE drinking is driving, hell DUI's happen daily ALL over so its gonna happen mud bog or not. The biggest problem I heard at the meeting was the drinking and noise. The noise of course will no go down as no more open headers are allowed and I know for a fact many trucks will be going elsewere as they arent putting exhaust on their trucks.
  13. Was going to be my suggestion. No big but big enough. We even pulled the tube behind the boat here. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/VFW-Post-7402-Buchanan-GA/143344279048549
  14. I dunno yet kinda playing things by ear with JT's Dad and his health. The truck wouldnt be going we need a transfer case,we broke it last ride (it was a spare that was "broke" we put in after we cracked the last one like an egg,but now its really broke lol )and I just havent looked for one yet.
  15. LisaG


    I did delete mine. Then I paniced cause I have an AVON page for my business (go "like" it I do giveaways and freebies all the time) http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=116055591739400 so I added my name to my husband cause he never uses it anymore. Now of course I am back to being on FB all the time lol oh well lift is short and I enjoy the quit contact with all my friends and family.
  16. Yep and in the mean time we will take our money to Rockmart and AL for all the other rides this year. Sucks for Paulding that they will miss out.
  17. He gets to have a Christmas Eve Ride for this year with a no open header rule. Two of the commissioners suggested this after zoning & planning denied the extra events. Next year back to 4 events. He can reapply next year I believe. I couldnt stay in there kid wouldnt keep quiet long enough lol
  18. Yep pretty much. A few of the "mudder" got to go. But I had to get a kid off the bus at 2:30 and have a sick little one so I didnt get to make it.. Wesley posted on the facebook page he was denied at 2 but had to see how the commissioners meeting goes at 7. All I know for now.
  19. I will settle for a giant Reeces Blizzard from DQ lol
  20. Well if your baking I will take some chocolate chip cookies!!
  21. Pay for the person order behind you in drive thru Drop a donation by a local food or animal shelter even $5 can help Help somebody to the car with their groveries Drop cookies off at fire station,sherrif office or hospital Take flowers to the nursing home to decorate the tables in the gathering areas or bird food in a feeder for the outside areas so they can watch the birds ok trying to think
  22. Helen and go tubing down the river!!
  23. They shouldnt of filled the sippy cup but who is to say they wouldnt of done it to a different kiddy up with a straw like other restaurants have. I normally smell or taste my kids drinks before they get them.
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