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  1. I love google heh scroll down to the almost last result for mylife.com looks like dude is local Made sure to google myself lol and will never use the same screen name on multiply sites ever.
  2. I delivered both my 6 and 3 year old sons there. The first ended up being an emergency csection after hours of pushing and he was sideways. So the 2nd was by csection. Both times were were the only baby for a few days and then there were no more than 2 total. The nurses and staff are all great and looooove having the baby in the nursery being they dont have lots. The security bracelets on the babies are great. So you can rest when they are in the nursery if they go past a certain set of doors or if its moved to much as if somebody was moving fast with the baby it goes nuts. Both mine kicked and ended up setting them off haha
  3. I know I was a blur most of the day. Zipping here and there! Great to see you also and thanks We were very much pleased with the out come.
  4. Thanks for the pictures! And glad I dodged you and your camera hehe
  5. LisaG

    Animal Rescue?

    And what area of the county do you live in? Are you looking for temp care or permanent rehoming?
  6. If you check this out. Make sure you head over to the airport also. Moon walks and face painting free for the kids 11-5!
  7. Since he has 5ths if he was around anyone pregnant they need to go to the dr. I was doing my internship pregnant and it went around the class and the parent informed me I need to go to the dr and be watched for a week or so.
  8. Thanks Pubby for posting this! Last year was great and this year is planned to be even better!
  9. Hmmm now im curious I need carrots for my bunnies lol but not that many haha
  10. didnt she say 125 of each variety? crazy
  11. OMG! See I dont watch the show either and that is nuts!
  12. Thats just nuts! There is no way he can keep up with expiration dates. He should donate it and not hoard it like that. This right here is prime example of the difference in a hoarder and the average person who uses coupons. My stock pile isnt one compared to this. Plus I am constantly donating.
  13. did she give you one? had this been me I would of given you a box no problem
  14. Where did you hear this? If its not in the store's official coupon policy. I WILL argue it. NC-17 Thank you. My point exactly. First come first serve. What if you bought everything no the shelf of something that wasnt even on sale? I am not a hoarder I am a couponer. There is a big difference. Like I said never buy more than 10 of an item and keep some for myself and the rest is shared and donated. The showing where people have garages full of stuff is crazy! They dont need all of that. I just wish pop tarts would go on sale again. I got 10 boxes last time and of course they dont last long around here.
  15. Some stores offer coupons and let you stack them. Example: Soap is b1g1 for 1.99 You have a store coupon for $1 off and a manufacturers coupon for $1 off so you get it free. If you are on facebook search Couponing in Paulding we have classes,answer questions and help each other get the best deals without cheating. We have also teamed up to donate stockpile items to different charities and events IN Paulding
  16. Most stores are putting a limit of 10. However there is no limit at some places. I never get more tan 10 as I get 5-10 papers a weekend.
  17. If I havent started yes but normally they walk up after my transaction is already going. I have never had a checkout last 30min or even 15. I have everything in order to make it quick and easy for the cashier. There are some stores that tie coupons into your loyalty cards. It is becoming more popular. If my coupon doesnt work I still continue to check out and if its a huge deal I will handle it with customer service instead of hold up the line. And as far as grocery prices. For every person you have that uses coupons you have triple that dont so if the coupons were such an problem then manufacturer's wouldn't do them anymore.
  18. I will go look on ebay
  19. When people who are against coupons want to start buying my groceries then I will stop using them. I have a 4in binder and coupons are very organized and sorted. However I make sure my sizes match as I follow the rules. I teach coupon classes to others and stress the following rules. There is no reason why you cant use coupons as long as you dont cheat the system. Most of the time when it takes people longer to check out its because the cashier doesn't know the coupon policy or the person is trying to cheat! ps I dont know if I was the person in front of you but have had ill attitudes toward my coupon shopping before and I try and warn people with a few items behind me to go to another checkout. And I take pride in being one of "these people" I have a massive project going on now donating stock piled items to the local fire stations ) and always have donations for the local food banks. I hate the show as it misleads "true" couponers.
  20. Avon has a 100% money back guarantee also!
  21. LisaG

    Septic issues

    Yep it should be pumped every 5-7 years per Ashley who HAD it explode all over her house and bathroom
  22. LisaG

    Septic issues

    Never had it pumped? I would have that done. Think its like $300
  23. I got to meet this sweet baby, watch her ups and downs and it breaks my heart in a million pieces. She lived a great life and had the best parents helping her enjoy her short life. RIP Regan and we are all praying for Randy & Kristin
  24. Thanks for the great things you said about the event. Everyone involved really does put their heart and sole in it!
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