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  1. It was just raining here and stopped now. By Roses
  2. Nixle from 10:54: Roads Closed: Wayside Ln Mt. Olivet Rd (Polk Ave @ Polk Circle) Garner Rd Spring Rd. AVOID: Southern Trace Sub, Clear Creek Sub, Poole Elem, and Airport. Clean up in progress unnecessary travel is delaying emergency response
  3. I need them faster than vistaprint I have found the info for the Frog T-shirt place and will be going there Monday for a a quote.
  4. Yeah your welcome to register and walk with us. No I have never walked and am super excited! Thanks will do!
  5. I have officially signed up to walk the Atl. 3 Day walk for Breast Cancer. Me and a few friends actually. Our team name is the Queen's of Sling. We have a few fundraising events already planned. There are 3 more of us that will be registered tomorrow. We have to raise $2300 each. Queen's of Sling Facebook Page for Event Info My Walk Page! We have stickers for one of our events already being made. But we need a tshirt company to do shirts with the same image as the stickers. I know Pirate but are there any other local ones so I can get the best quote? Also any fundraising suggestions are appreciated!
  6. I still plan on coming and will have my kiddo.
  7. Me and little man will try and make it.
  8. We go to Kentuck ORV in AL its $5 per 4 wheeler
  9. GREAT idea posting this. Some of the small business's cant afford the commerce membership. Im lucky to make that much in a month lol! I do fundrasiers,online parties,in home parties,wish lists and more!
  10. The stupid news guy on Channel 2 was telling folks to call the schools and make sure they knew about the warnings. HELLO they have weather radios and systems in place for bad weather. He sooo doesnt have kids lol
  11. LisaG

    Gym Help

    I know I read mine yesterday and it says you have to give 30 days notice on mine. Hope you get it worked out. Mine contract is up in March and I am canceling only because I cant make the drive 2-3 times a week anymore from Roses Store area to Hiram. Dont get me wrong well worth it I lost 20lbs since I have had it but the $35 a month + all the gas there and back its killing me.
  12. LisaG

    Gym Help

    Mind sharing your complaint? You can PM me. I have a membership there but havent been in a while.
  13. My "ghost" As my 6 year old called it. And my 3 year old as a Monkey....Monkey has been his nickname since he was born and he loves Curious George so it fit.
  14. LisaG

    I am Home

    Glad to hear your home and headed in the right direction to beating this!!
  15. Well I can help Thur or Fri maybe both will let ya know.
  16. If anything would fit in the back of my Durango with the seats down I can help.
  17. LisaG


    woot now get to 12,000
  18. Yellow cakes,chocolate icing wins me over anytime! Dont forget some chocolate covered strawberries that arent outrageously priced. Where are you located?
  19. Hurricane gel from the pharmacy is what I used on mine and teething tablets.
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