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  1. Randy Arrowood is who I would recommend he is in downtown Dallas in the old Henderson house well in the building behind it. If you would like his number I can get it for you.
  2. If he is a Wellstar Doc, I would call the Compliance Department and let them know what happened because if he is having some memory issues, they would really need to investigate.
  3. Please be very careful with these types of heaters. I lost my daughter to carbon manoxide poisoning from putting one of these type heaters in a camper. My prayer is for everyone to be safe.
  4. You are so right. The last name was Ezzell!
  5. I Love Douglas County Bank!!! You can't get any better service anywhere else!!!
  6. There is a program through helping hands called Fresh Start and I think that they are taking applications through September 30th. I do property management and I have had some tenants who have qualified for this. They will pay up to $3000.00 to help you get back on your feet, you have to be there very early in the morning as they only take I believe 5 a day. It might be worth your time to check this out. They will pay rent or house payment and utilities. I hope this may be of some help to you. God Bless You.
  7. McGarity House in Beulah community or the Dallas Civic center downtown dallas.
  8. As a mother who has lost a child, I can tell you that it makes you feel so good to know that family & friends still remember your child. I know that Joey, Mandy & Zane will be so happy to know that you remembered his birthday Weather Boy. I didn't know Caleb personally but from everyone that did and everything that I have been told, he was a wonderful Christian young man. My heart goes out to Joey & Mandy as I know the heart felt loss of losing a child as I live with the loss of my daughter daily. They will be in my thoughts & Prayers as they celebrate his first birthday without him.
  9. I've heard that he is opening an office where he use to be behind Curl's Pharmacy in that doublewide mobile home.
  10. What about the chili-dog across from the hospital. Best footlong hotdogs anywhere around.
  11. I have read all the posts and I guess that I am the first to say, I was born & raised right here in Paulding County. I was raised on Burnt Hickory Ridge and when I married I moved to Yorkville, that is the extent of my moves. All my family is here ( 7 Generations ), Most people say that my family is clannish and that we remind them of the Waltons, but I will tell you this, if something happens to one of us or if there is something one of us needs, We all come running to take care of the ones in need.I have everything that I need right here in Paulding County and I plan on being here until the Good Lord calls me home.
  12. You may be seeing them because there is several of the officers that live in the Subdivision and some of them drive their cars home.
  13. Yes, We will be married 36 years on April 15th. I don't know what I would do without him!
  14. Please know that you will all be in my thoughts & Prayers.
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