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  1. Still on here? Miscuze?
  2. Ugh Oh and please don't act like you cared. It's nauseating
  3. Yes. One of the most loving souls I know I'll ever meet
  4. So one of my best friends passed. I'm going to miss the heck out of her. But those people that hurt her. Broke her heart and didn't care about what happened in aftermath. atlantdav. I picked her up. I helped her with lunch once a week. I was there for her. So please don't take any credit when you treated like poop. You're an ass. You ended up being nothing. Thank you Chevy.
  5. Kittycat was an amazing woman. She had issues people that truly hurt her. But her and I have been friends through thick and thin. My thoughts and prayers are with her family
  6. Just popped in to see how everyone's doing?
  7. Weird. Just was hoping that no one was hurt
  8. I know, it always seems to be something
  9. From what I've heard it's right in front of my subdivision. Carrington Pointe
  10. LOL. Yeah I caught it right after it posted.
  11. Does anyone have any idea what's going on on Nebo?
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