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  1. until
    huge INDOOR (in the Air Conditioning) Yard Sale to benefit the ROC Youth Summer Programs! 620 Paulding Plaza (near Tequila Mexican Restaurant) Dallas.
  2. until
    Huge INDOOR (A/C provided) Yard Sale to benefit the ROC Youth! Location is 620 Paulding Plaza(Near Tequila Mexican restaurant) in Dallas!
  3. papa

    CRAPFEST 2014

    CRAPFEST is a huge 20 family yard sale at 240 Camden Woods Drive, Dallas (off Dallas Nebo). They accept Cash, Credit, and Debit cards. Lots of furniture, clothes, children's items, books, and other great treasures! It is well organized and they are ready to deal!
  4. Thank you for for the heads up. I'll be paying more attention to the dogs.
  5. OK the fire is out at the one on Merchants drive in Dallas and open this morning but how about all the others that were on fire last night? Are they still burning?????
  6. I heard Fred's doesn't want to move and the materials supplied by Lowes are really needed for the tunnels leaving that area they are going to put this one in the tunnel so we will never see it built. I will never shop at Fred's again since they are causing the new Lowes to be hidden in the tunnel.
  7. Yes people still eat dog here is a link to the wiki all about it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_meat
  8. There was a discussion on here the other day about prepay billing. You probably have a good deposit with Greystone that is your money. Call them and see if you can switch to the prepay and use your deposit to pay off the balance and have enough left over to get a week or two of the prepay while you get more money together. You will probably be worried about running out of prepayed power before you have enough to purchase more but it will be much easier to get someone to front you 25-50 bucks to get some more power than to borrow enough to catch up last month and this months power bill to keep it on. Just saying.
  9. The youth @ church are having a carwash to help fund summer activities. Location * Long Horn Steakhouse Hiram GA Time * today until 3 pm
  10. Not sure when I will get to cruise again but I have already promised her the spa level room next time we go.
  11. It must be a Fred's because you can drive through a gas station to get there. If it is I hope they have different hours as the other one because it is never open when I need to get something from there. Oh I sure hope it is a new Fred's as the other one in Dallas is just too small.
  12. AVAST is great as a free program (turn off the voice that tells what is going on as she will wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you she updated) and if it makes you feel better to pay for something they will let you do that too. Not to sure what else you get for paying as the free version has worked great on every computer I have installed it on or recommended. It is very light on resources which is very important to me and the other computer users I have helped as most are having me get there computer going again when it will not let them do anything on the internet because there other program let something through. I have removed most of the other antivirus suites out there and replaced them with AVAST and have not had any problems from it.
  13. FAKE It is a fake. Everybody knows Big Foot is blurry
  14. No. But some tool will not drive by my house 3 times a week and throw his trash in my yard I guarantee you that. It is the job of the paper throwers to do it. How stupid you got to be to keep throwing the papers in the yard that has a few piled up and ran over already? If that does not stop them from doing it what makes you think calling the publisher would help.
  15. Now come on don't pick on that family they did not put all that trash at the end of their driveway. Those darn paper deliverers keep throwing it there. One day I am going to get them back and dump all my trash in their parking lot to get them back for constantly throwing that crap in my yard.
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