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  1. So, from what direction do the planes take off and land? It doesn't seem like an exact east/west I already live below the Hartsfield traffic.
  2. Check out the Ask-a-Lawyer Day calendar event listed for February 15, 2013 or visit the State Bar website.
  3. The State Bar of Georgia General Practice and Trial Law sectionis holding its annual Ask a Lawyer pro bono advice day on February 15. The event is statewide. The nearest location is in Marietta. To learn more, view thepress release or view the public information page.
  4. Type in Dick van D-y-k-e, but leave out the dashes. A few years back here on PCom, he became Dick van Lesbian. Swear to god.
  5. We had lunch there today. The pizza is quite good. They could be a bit more focused at the register. For some reason they use a calculator and then the cash register as well as a server's pad. But I would definitely go back for the pizza. Typical NY pizza-- fold the slice and eat. Big slices of pizza, too.
  6. Mikey

    Taylor Farms

    The county staff who would manage this have been dealing with furloughs and lost wages. I wouldn't expect any frivolity.
  7. Mikey

    name change

    Things are changing. Courts are stepping up. I have listed some court-based selfhelp centers here: http://lawscape.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/court-based-law-information-centers-available-to-some-georgians
  8. Mikey

    name change

    name change packet free at http://www.appfamilylawcenter.org
  9. Mikey

    DUMB ?

    You can read the GA Code onlinr. Ga. Code §34-8-194 Good cause shall be determined by the commissioner according to the circumstances in the case; provided, however, that leaving an employer to accompany a spouse who has been reassigned from one military assignment to another shall be deemed to be for good cause; provided, however, that the employer's account shall not be charged for any benefits paid out to the person who leaves to accompany a spouse reassigned from one military assignment to another. Still waiting to hear Twitter recommends.
  10. Mikey

    DUMB ?

    I just posted a request about this to my twitter lawyer tweeps. Let you know what I discover. Meantime, call State Bar of Ga Military Legal Assistance Program, 404-527-8765.
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