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  1. My wife is a paralegal and works for Candace Rader in Carrollton. She is extremely good at what she does it is a family law practice. www.candaceraderlaw.com
  2. We are going in July for the 4th, hopefully some good fireworks over the water.
  3. The toilet needs to be repaired ASAP and the cost is very minimal. Most are easily repaired with kits from anywhere that sells them. I had the same issue a few years ago, but it was the tub faucet that had a rubber seal installed to keep it from leaking. We left to go on vacation after and the fill lines had time to drain off the excess so that fixed the issue with the yard too. GOOD luck!
  4. My wife is a paralegal for a very good attorney and can possibly give you advice as they work on these kinds of cases quite often. Please PM me if you think your friend may need legal advice or at least a legal perspective on how to proceed. Thanks, SO
  5. Brian Fortner is a family friend and one heck of a great guy. He has values and he is one of the most hard working honest people you will ever meet. He will do what is needed for DC.
  6. Wow, blueprint and everything! Thanks Mrs G!!
  7. Hmmm, I always wonder how folks get the wrong information! Thanks The Sound Guy! I am not that big of an Olive Garden fan anyway!!!
  8. I heard it was going to be a Olive Garden, anyone know for sure?
  9. Mid twenties black male was the suspect. The young couple were very lucky because the young Father/Husband was home when the suspect followed his wife into the house and pulled the gun on her. It could have turned up very different. Another fact, the young husband grabbed the guy's hand with the gun to allow hos wife a chance to get away. There were also young kids in the house. Yes, it could have been very bad. Also, the young couple were white also. Maybe this is why it was not shared in the news story.
  10. My wife just graduated from Everest University with an associates degree in Paralegal and I work in Kennesaw. Please PM me more details or you can call me at 404-822-9703. Thanks, Keith
  11. I know I am going to A.S. today in Hiram!
  12. been many times without a problem.
  13. OK....the scoop is that it was a domestic case where a pissed off husband shot out the tires on his wife's car in the apartment complex, He has been arrested, nobody hurt.
  14. I hope he feels better....too much fishing maybe?
  15. Maybe...the one there near the Movie's 278 was robbed a while back.
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