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  1. Don't be mad. Gators move to slow to get to the SEC Championship game.
  2. Have to say, this win for the Georgia dawgs is going to be great for the state of Georgia.
  3. I am curious. If you were running this site what would you like to see added or taken away from Paulding.com? To make anything better you have to have input from the users.
  4. The sign gives a positive message. the problem is either the sign is having problems or no one proofread. 2 what I see with your whole big picture is your seat belt is not buckled. so I hope you were parked
  5. Great meeting . Awesome time. Great food. Lots of laughs. Very informational. Great minds brainstorming.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving Paulding county.
  7. It is a honor to be a part of a community that cares about the way it looks and to honor Diane for the service she gave this community. Many hands make light work.
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