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  1. I know the Paulding County dump had a sign out Thursday that said they would be closed Friday and Saturday this week. I stop using big business Waste Industries when they maid me feel like I was just a number.
  2. I have what appears to be a maple tree that is about 12' tall that I saved. I say appear because because it has a few small leaves on it and the bark is similar to a maple tree. The tree was at a new build the the owner wanted cut down. I felt the need to save it.If you are in the need let me know. It is Free.if it waits over a week I will have to plant it.
  3. This is interesting. Kind of long so I don't know how many people will actually read this. A Penny a day will keep the doctor away.
  4. OK I have to believe that at least 25% of Paulding County residents go to church and believe in my Lord Jesus Christ. So my Question is why is everyone freaking out over what God already know is going to happen? In Matthew 6:34 it say Therefore do not worry about tomorrow ,for tomorrow will worry about itself Each day has enough trouble of its own. This tells me to enjoy life in our Lord. So enjoy life and wash your hands.and p.s. you don't need all that toilet paper. Have a goodnight and God Bless!!
  5. Sorry this was not to spam anyone I am learning the system. That was not to go out like that. I'm sorry for the mistake. There are a lot of things I'm still learning about p.com.
  6. I can see clearly now the rain is gone.....
  7. Rain early morning. clear in the afternoon. Happy Tuesday.
  8. Just has great food at 278south. The onion rings are the bomb. Got up to early to stay for the band.
  9. According to the calendar, spring is still several weeks away, but now is actually the perfect time to battle summer weeds. As you read this, thousands of tiny seeds are germinating under your beautiful lawn, preparing to sprout ugly weeds. Go on the offense with pre-emergent herbicides. If you act fast, you can stop the weeds before you ever see them.
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