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  1. I heard it was a dodge durango and a grey jeep i have also heard it was a former ephs teen driving the other vehicle no word on other injuries at this time still praying for all involved
  2. I have also heard teenagers were involved I just pray for all families involved
  3. I have a co-ed team over at Mt Tabor but I really only need 1 more girl could add a guy as a back up.
  4. Where are you located??
  5. Mike I don't know if you remember but I am sure you would "Joey Sellers" he was in that yellow Hummer
  6. Debbie if there is anything that we can do for u guys let us know, thank you for calling, Randy will be truly missed!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with all you guys. Joey & Renee Sellers and Kids
  7. Prayers for the family. She was so young does anyone know what happen?
  8. If you look at mapquest it is between Due West & 381 so I don't think any of the schools will be affected but I live on Mt. Tabor Court so I tried to call hubby he is at home to see if he could smell anything I haven't heard back from him.
  9. Such a nice family, prayers being said, long time friend of my family. Renee
  10. Hey Janet, Sorry we couldn't come today but just know we were thinking of all of you if there is anything we can do just let us know. Joey, Renee, Sean, Jordan,& Makenzie
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