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  1. Pubby, whenever I read your posts I feel like Rep. Hank Johnson may be sitting beside you at the computer, telling you what to type.
  2. And Paulding is not really known for enforcing traffic laws...
  3. Shallow Hal

    Pray P.Com

    BS. Post the data from your host.
  4. According to the report, minorities account for a disproportionate amount of STDs which explains the original post.
  5. Why is a 20 year old still in high school? It isn't adult dare care. Special Needs or not these individuals that age shouldn't be dumped off on the schools to deal with.
  6. Demographics play a big part. https://www.cdc.gov/std/stats15/std-surveillance-2015-print.pdf
  7. Shallow Hal


    Save your money and stay home.
  8. Shallow Hal

    Pray P.Com

    Probably Pubby praying the last 5 people on here don't leave this site.
  9. No. I enjoy spending time with my children; just not other folk's children.
  10. They probably moved it to make space for the new Seagrave tandem axle heavy rescue.
  11. So basically law abiding citizens are taking steps to protect themselves from idiot liberals.
  12. I guess this topic isn't about the N. Paulding senior arrested a week ago.
  13. Reminds me of the Arrested Development episode where Tobias is on To Catch a Predator.
  14. I'm surprised you aren't blaming Judge Beavers for this...
  15. We will not ever get along. While they are out protesting, I'm working. Providing for my family, following the laws, educating my children, doing what is right. I didn't vote for Obama and when he won I didn't act like a little bitch and crap my pants and protest. These idiot folks out protesting need to move on. At this point I'd be find with the U.S. splitting to 2 new countries. Split it down the middle and y'all can have the west coast and the republicans can have the east with a big wall in the middle. I'll paint the picture for you: West coast - guns are banned, so only criminals have them, violent crime is extremely high. Nobody is willing to be a police officer, and the ones that do are criminals themselves. Everyone wants to go to college, for free, or is receiving welfare and the folks that do work finally realize their new country sucks. Meanwhile on the east coast, everyone works, minimal welfare recipients, very low violent crime, guns are everywhere and amazingly aren't killing folks on their own. Sounds perfect.
  16. They are only peacful when they get their way. Otherwise they are a bunch of worthless, entitled, non working pieces of crap.
  17. At this point if you are still out there 'protesting' then you are likely a worthless POS that contributes nothing to society. Get a f-ing job and move on. When they start blocking interstates, like they did last night, a bulldozer should be brought out to 'fix' the issue.
  18. The folks that created and put the child in this situation are the ones with no values. This would not be a court issue had they made decisions in the best interest of the child.
  19. Catering to the 1% has to stop. We've increased our travel and spending in NC since they stood up for what is right. Going there this weekend as it turns out.
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