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  1. My husband is one. His name is dj kenny djkennyboi@gmail.com 7708823882 He's dj for Allgood elementary a few times. He's also reasonable.
  2. I heard they were putting a light at the hs!
  3. I work at reflections on ridge and my kids go there. It's a great place. Nice and clean and friendly staff
  4. Hot wheels how do you deal with the unrulely kids on the bus????
  5. OH yes Cobb gets 6 plus hours
  6. Paulding co drivers are only guaranteed 20 hrs a week but can get a little more. You only get paid once a month you have to have alot of patients dealing with different types of kids. I like it but not love it. Lol
  7. My husband work for everdry he may can help you out
  8. Try west brokers in dville on fair burn rd. all good cars nice ppl and they report to all 3 credit bureaus
  9. I love them. It help me stay at my current weight gave me energy
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