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  1. So until your criteria is met...Kill all the babies you want? With respect to control, no one is telling you that you cant collect rain water in a barrel. Its more about the whole butchering of innocents. Typically it is looked down upon kind of like drowning puppies.- Jamie
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/georgia-gov-brian-kemp-signs-controversial-heartbeat-bill-into-law - Jamie
  3. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/gov-kemp-closes-all-state-offices-closed-tuesday-due-to-incoming-winter-weather/911061558?fbclid=IwAR3_muTpYDoLqSBTmJegsrB22vNVpNRzu7eTwYf1GLSa2C5BwntgwA_E0Oo
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/01/27/nato-members-increase-defence-spending-100-billion-donald-trump/ So it would appear rather than destroy NATO, Trump's calling out of Allies not pulling their weight has had the desired affect. - Jamie
  5. I've stayed away from this topic as well as many others. Its just been too vitriolic/toxic on here to even have the discussions we once did. JMHO...Walls/Barriers/Fences they are all medieval, but much like the wheel they still work. You can say that illegal immigrants can tunnel underneath or find a way over the top, but the reality is barriers still impede the flow and with technology even that should be further reduced. Those that make it over/under are then picked up by the second line of defense (border patrol, law enforcement, etc). In 2013, the Gang of Eight pushed through a bi-partisan compromised that was to take care of 700 miles along the border. Amazingly, the current request is much the same, but the request for that same bipartisan compromise is ignored. So of course its nothing but politics ahead of everything else. I've got to ask who is winning if were stuck on not securing the border, because someone is.... We've been paid lip service on the topic for the last 50-60 years. Oh and the cost issue between what the democrats initially offered and what is being requested...... Its the equivalent of nothing more than a rounding error in the yearly budget. - Jamie
  6. You see a sly remark...I see projection. My last response...I've already given this thread more attention than it deserves. I read the article in its entirety. I walked away with the knowledge that GM has decided to cut production lines on automobiles that aren't as popular. They're "shifting" their product line as the market place is changing. Who is spinning....You or Baghdad and Freddie?. - Jamie
  7. Did you even read your own article? All the answers to your relevant questions are actually there. I can quote the article for you if you like, but it’s your article. - Jamie
  8. Lame... GM is pulling the lines. The automobiles aren't selling. Head back to HQ for a decent talking point. - Jamie
  9. There isn’t a need for talking points. Your article actually spells it out for you. Certain automobile lines aren’t maintaining the level of profitability that GM wants to maintain. - Jamie
  10. Kemp posted pictures along those lines... I wonder if they understand that Abrams wants to take those guns away? - Jamie
  11. I’m at the polling office now. Weather is gloomy, but not raining. The crowd isn’t bad at all. 30-40 deep outside the station. Now is a good time! - Jamie
  12. How are the polls looking today? My polling place is the courthouse. - Jamie
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