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  1. Don't ever go near GD after he's eaten chili.
  2. What if the horse urinated or took a dump during the flight? Can you imagine the stench all the passengers would have had to suffer through during the flight?
  3. My router is also located in our basement. I use a wifi booster and it works pretty good.
  4. I remember this day very well and never will forget it.
  5. Service dogs are not required to wear a vest or anything else that identifies them as a service dog, says the ADA. The ADA does not require service dogs on a leash, nor prohibits them from riding in shopping carts.
  6. There's a green box at the top right of the thread that says, "Reply to this topic."
  7. Are you sure it can't be used at all on Sunday, or just during the time frame they have their church service?
  8. Why is society becoming weaker by the day? Is it because of a large group of people pushing an agenda that everything must be fair and that there should be an entity that provides the essentials of life for free? Look at the latest decisions made by Walmart after a shooting. They made those decisions based out of fear that a group would push for a boycott against them if they didn't. Business decisions like these are made out of fear of retaliation.
  9. The health department cannot override the ADA. The ADA is the law.
  10. Here's the problem; store managers are afraid of offending someone and a complaint being lodged against them.
  11. I remember how people in Paulding felt about the new people coming in. I was told many times how we were ruining "their" county.
  12. Real service dogs have certifications issued to the owner. Owners of service dogs can purchase vests to put on their dogs to identify them as service dogs, but the ADA does not force owners to do so. Most likely because it will identify to the public the owner has a disability. You can argue having the dog without a vest in a business that only permits service self-identifies the person with a service dog as having a disability; so why not change the law the dog must wear a service dog vest? How effective would the law be when anyone can buy such a vest for their dog? You would then have people buying the vests and patches and putting them on their dog who is not a certified service dog. Such a law would not prevent people from bringing their pets into businesses with them. The only thing a business can do is tell a customer to leave if the dog is acting aggressively and shows signs it is not housebroken. Trained service dogs will not even bark at strangers in public and will not urinate or defecate in a building. BTW there is no official designation for "service cats." The ADA recognizes only service dogs. The DOJ recognizes emotional support animals i.e. cats, guinea pigs etc if the owner has a letter from a mental health provider they must produce stating the animal provides therapeutic support. This allows that pet to be with them on an airplane at no extra charge. Georgia's law on service dogs is the same as the ADA.
  13. A business owner or staff member may ask a customer with an animal if it is a service animal for a disability and what task it performs. They cannot not ask about the disability and they have documentation proving it to be a service animal. The ADA is very clear about that. The store manager at the Walmart you visited probably got tired of asking a long time ago, because the odds are everybody asked said the animal was a service animal, at which point the manager cannot do anything. I've heard several customers say the animal was their "emotional support" animal. Clearly a lot of people are now taking their pets with them shopping falsely claiming the pet is a service animal.
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