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  1. Good luck to Zach Wheeler!!!! Maybe if he was still givin money hand over fist to that wonderful Booster Club--they'd talk a little more about him.....just sayin
  2. I tried to send you a PM--says you can't receive messages at this time
  3. No....he's a local (Dallas/Douglasville) attorney!! Sorry you're having trouble also.....it truly stinks!
  4. We've seen u and would love to use you, as you were the best so far but unfortunately.....out of our budget
  5. Thanks!! I have filed a complaint on him.....but I don't what what good, if any....it will do!
  6. Anyone know of a good lawyer (doesn't have to be in PC)?? It is for a civil case. We had an attorney and he filed the incorrect paperwork with the Judge. Now--he refuses to answer our calls and has canceled 3 appointments on us. We have spoken to other lawyers (for 2nd opinions).....but they all want lots of $$ to file a "Motion to Reconsider". We have already spent so much money on the attorney we had. Time is also of essence.......we only have 30 days to do the Motion
  7. Forgot to add the info for this.....ooops www.northgeorgiaexteriors.com
  8. After getting TONS of estimates for vinyl siding, I decided to go with North Ga Exteriors, Inc. The owner, Charlie......is fabulous!!! His crew started work on my house yesterday, and are expected to be finished late today. They have done an AMAZING job!!! If anyone is ever in need of new siding.....please remember this company!!!! I promise....you will not be disappointed!!
  9. Oh really? I don't know anything about that but trust me.....Dr. Mayfield is great!
  10. Unfortunately, a friend of mine recently became ill. Fortunately, Dr. Mayfield was available to see them in a timely fashion. My friend was just as impressed with her as I have been.....we absolutely love her!!!
  11. If you're looking for a really good urgent care....the one in New Hope is really good. I've taken my kids up there a few times. The wait time is minimal and the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. :-)
  12. Yea I haven't heard much good about the place BUT...Dr. Meredith is amazing!! Sounds like she has definitely made a move for the better :-)
  13. Dr. Catherine Martin is the one who is at Cedartown ER
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