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  1. I really like Sonya at the Hair Porte which is close to the court house.
  2. I got the flu vaccine once when I was in college. I got so sick I that I missed a week of school. After about 10 years of teaching there was a mandate that came from the board of education that we absolutely had to get a flu shot if we were to continue teaching, so I got one. Once again it made me so sick that I missed school for about a week. The board wasn't happy about that either. The 2nd flu shot that I got people convinced me that it was different and you couldn't get the flu from the flu shot. I can't remember ever being that sick so I won't do it again. I guess I am just one of "those lucky people" but consequences are a real good teacher.
  3. I would be nice if, someone that knows him, could show him this page. I remember him back in the 70's and 80's too. Sometimes I would go that way even if it was longer to get a wave. It meant a lot to me and know it did to alot of other people. I am like Postman, I try to wave at people that go by my house or on my walk even if I don't know them. Thank you Mr. Griffith for your years of kindness!
  4. We have tea olive bush's in our yard. The have teenie tiny blooms on them but they smell up the whole yard. You have to really study the bush to see any flowers.
  5. I don't have any experience with EC but Dr. Mayfield is a great doctor. He did surgery on the hubs a couple of years ago and we both liked him a lot.
  6. miracle mom


    Publix at New Hope had some last week
  7. Crossroads Neighborhood Grille is awesome. They feed you so much food. I ate mine for 3 days but it was good everytime!
  8. Aspens is pricy but really good. They do have booths and if you go during the week and around 4 or 5 there aren't many people there at all. Macaroni Grill is nice to but a little more crowded as is Ted's right next door but they all have great food and great atmosphere.
  9. Gee! I was excited! I thought my neighbors had moved!
  10. I like this thread! Good stuff!
  11. Sounded like it was on Hollis or Murray.
  12. I heard it. Sounds like it is in the back part of 12 oaks. One shot right after the other. I think it is a little scary to but it sounds like they have quit now. I would wonder if Pickets Mill was having some kind of show?
  13. I have had a flu shot 2 times in my life. Both times were the sickest that I have ever been.
  14. My mother pickled watermelon rinds! They were wonderful. She always said that the rinds had to be thick so I would watch as the watermelon was cut open and the first question was..."it it thick enough to pickle?". I founds some a couple of years ago at a farmers market and they brought back such great memories.
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