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  1. This new layout is going to take alittle getting use to😊 

  2. Is any events going on that would be fun for the family?
  3. Please find another doctor. You already really don't like him. It is hard now a days to find a caring doctor it's all about the $$$. Do you have family that are close? You need emotional support from them or somebody....and a new doctor. Inbox me if you ever need to talk and I would like to know a update. I will pray for you.
  4. What about some corn hole? Softball sounds good.I need the exercise. I didn't read all of the replies...I hope I am on the right track with this post..??
  5. I even think volunteering somewhere would be better then playing videogame all week. I really think they have too many breaks from school these days.
  6. Wondering if anybody knows of anything local for 12 year old boys to keep them content for spring break this week?
  7. I saw on news about missing boys 13 and 14. Does anybody know if they were ever located?
  8. and are at home I was wondering If you hear low and loud flying helicopter? I hate when they get to low and practice over my home....urks me so much. Wish there was something I could do about it.
  9. Praying they find who ever it that did this
  10. Was the shooter arrested or still on run? Does anyone know?
  11. If so what was your symptoms?
  12. Has anybody heard anything about a body found near Rose's store today?
  13. Hello my name is Tiffany, I am a stay home mom of 12 year old boys that are in school during the day. I live in yorkville. Looking for a house or two to clean for extra money but it's hard to find houses. My sister has been cleaning a couple house in The Georgian for couple years now. If you like I can see if she can take on another house. We are very trustworthy. Now a days you can't trust anybody. Let me know
  14. I live pretty much behind the airport in the Yorkville area. Is there anything I can do to have them stop practicing over my house? Planes have been so close to my home I can literally see its Shadow on the side of my neighbor's house.
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