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  1. The defense oftens presents lots of personal and family history during sentencing hearing in these types of cases, especially since he pled guilty and only had a bench trial as to sentencing. If you can gain access to the transcripts of the sentencing trial, there may be some information in there. I know it's rather lengthy, because the hearing lasted quite a while, but the information is probably in there somewhere. Good luck!
  2. Thanks, Mary. I've seen your sign. I'll have to stop in soon and introduce myself!
  3. If you're looking at things other than grocery coupons, I think it needs to be small enough to fit in a wallet (no larger than a $1 bill) and large enoguh that it won't get lost. It would also be nice to be able to print more than one at a time, because I hate wasting an entire page for one small coupon. As some of the others have said, appearance is irrelevant. Clarity and a good deal are key, and keeping the ink to a minimum is greatly appreciated. One other thought... I really hate coupons that obligate the consumer, such as "$5.00 off a $50.00 purchase or more." I don't mind a "buy one get one free," but minimum purchase amounts are annoying and I am a lot less likely to use those types of coupons.
  4. I recommend contacting CARE Travel. You can find them at https://caretravel.net or email directly at nikicares@caretravel.net Niki specializes in Disney vacations and knows more than anyone else I know about staying at the Disney resorts. She can probably find you a great package deal.
  5. My father has used one of these the past several years. He tried it first as a curiosity, but found that it was great for growing grape and cherry tomatoes. He has also used to top portion of it to grow herbs, like rosemary and cilantro. Works great.
  6. I think everyone gets frustrated with the money spent on capital cases and the time it takes to actually see the end of the process, but if it was you or your loved one facing the death penalty, you would probably appreciate the thoroughness of the system. As long as we continue to exact the ultimate punishment from criminals, we owe them every possible protection to ensure that their execution does exact justice.
  7. I would have been happy to continue serving the citizens of Paulding County as an Assistant District Attorney. I enjoyed my years of service and have worked with a lot of wonderful people during that time, including officers, court personnel and the victims and witnesses I been privileged to meet. However, when you work for an elected official, you always know that the position only lasts as long as that person is in office. So now I have opened my own firm and hope to find new ways to serve.
  8. As Lisa C, and several others mentioned, lawyers do need to make a living and support their families, and therefore do expect a fee for their services. I don't think a contractor would be expected to build a house for free, just on principle. However, There are organizations that do fund and build houses for the needy, just on principle, because helping each other is part of being human. Although attorneys aren't always recognized for their generosity, I have found among my colleagues some of the most generous, giving people I know. Many attorneys give significant time to community causes, and almost all attorneys give legal services for free, or "pro bono." In fact, attorneys are called upon by the State Bar to give some amount of their time for pro bono representation. Speaking for myself, I work with clients to keep my rates affordable and create payment plans and options they can work with. And, when the need arises, I will waive my fees to ensure that justice can be done.
  9. Thank you Postman. I'm glad that my comments will be welcome. I have a passion for the law and I like to share when I can. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Pubby, Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I am so excited to be part of the PCOM community. I certainly hope that I can help keep everyone informed about current legal matters, as well as help everyone with their legal needs. I am happy to help in any way I can. Jeanne O'Halleran The Law Office of Jeanne O'Halleran, LLC 1033 Merchants Drive, Suite B Dallas, GA 30132 (678) 535-3232 (678) 535-3230 facsimile
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