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  1. menopausal

    What a week

    Wow, glad he is getting better.
  2. I just spent a few minutes reading their Caring Bridge page....what a story. PLEASE take a few minutes to read it and then pray.
  3. I just posted to my FB, prayers being said.
  4. I will pass the word to my friends and get lots more prayers. Please keep us updated.
  5. Praying now. Am I reading this right that both babies are in ICU now?
  6. Understood. I wish people would just listen to the Sheriff Dept. and stay home.
  7. I am NOT trying to be rude or mean but please realize that those two roads are always the worst in the county when we have bad weather.............Please do not get out on them.
  8. menopausal


    I just saw the Plow go down Davis Mill Rd. North :clapping: Progress is being made. Now if they would clear my driveway I might be able to get out of here.
  9. When your teenage son cleans his room without being told to......wow.
  10. It is going to be worse tomorrow so unless you want our tax dollars going to cleaning up after another wreck..............STAY HOME.
  11. NICE. I am about to venture out into the work from home world and am SO excited. I cannot wait for it to all come together.
  12. DON"T attempt it. Even in a small storm those are the 2 worst roads in the county...............stay off of them please for everyones safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I was done looking at the snow and went to turn the light off only to find it was not on. It is really bright outside....strange.
  14. I hope he is okay. Keep him home when he gets there.
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