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  1. I kept wondering how long it would take for Ole Sam to get thrown in the mix. Michelle's admiration and commitment to Obama scares the sheeze out of me. But I don't trust David no further than I can throw him. Quite the dilemma. Not sure which one is the lesser of two evils.
  2. How is their Greek food? I've heard good and bad about them. Would love to get a good Greek pizza and salad. Good reason NOT to get red sauce on any pizza!!
  3. Hickory Hut was another place everyone recommended but we went one time YEARS ago and won't go back. NASTY. Explained why so many folks get their food to go there. Baby Jane's is good but it is a buffet. GOOD and REASONABLE. They have a good breakfast bar on Saturday mornings 7-11 and for two Senior buffets and drink it is $13.01!! Much cheaper than Shoney's breakfast bar and just as good. Their lunch and dinner buffet is also good too. They have a happy hour discount 2-4 and also senior discount for all buffets. Fresh food.
  4. We had heard her praises and finally went on a Saturday for breakfast with the DGD. WHAT a disappointment. DRY biscuits that had obviously been sitting under the heat lamp TOO long. What we got for the 3 of us was EXPENSIVE and not good at all. One and only attempt. Won't be going back. WHAT??? Are you sure?? When?? Went by there Wed night and all the lights were on and several cars in the parking lot. I've gotten food poisoning from Captain D's but I wouldn't tell people not to go there because of it. Could have been your system. I can't eat fried shrimp ANYWHERE and that's what gave me food poising. I still go there but don't order the fried shrimp which I LOVED the butterfly shrimp. Their white pizza and greek salads are YUMMMM.
  5. Thank you for all the replies and input.
  6. What experience have you had getting your hearing tested and buying hearing aids? I know the hearing aids are all different styles and prices. I don't know where to begin. What are your suggestions? Getting old sucks!
  7. I have to say the subject line "How do you feel about the recent incident on the trail" is one of the most ridiculous ones I have EVER read on this site. Reminds me of a insensitive news reporter with a mic in hand asking a parent what are their thoughts/feelings after their child was just killed. How do I feel???? I feel like it was yet another horrible experience for a lady on a beautiful trail that should be able to be enjoyed by ALL without feeling threatened, frightened or the need to carry a weapon. Prayers are for this beautiful lady for a full recovery not only physically but also emotionally.
  8. Nick was not only an amazing computer guy he was a great guy all way around. Prompt turnaround with great prices. I got a quote on my laptop from the Fork In The Road and they failed to return my charger PLUS the quote was $185 that Nick made the EXACT repairs for $75. DUH??? I sure do miss Nick but am proud things worked out for the better for him. I use Paulding Networking now.
  9. This "mother" who is looking to gain financially over the death of a child she gave birth to HAD NOT EVEN TALKED TO HER SON THE 4 MONTHS PRIOR TO HIS DEATH!!!! She stated this herself in an interview with local TV station within a couple of days after his death. Not to mention THERE IS A REASON WHY SHE DID NOT HAVE CUSTODY OF HER SON & DAUGHTER!!
  10. I may be stirring the pot but at least it is with pure fact and not gossip or just my opinion based on what I am told by the Media. I am enjoying retirement in South Florida with the warm temps and being far away from the COLD y'all are having this week. How about yourself? And your point being????
  11. So why are you not crying? Please provide the basis of this erroneous statement?
  12. Once again the pcom "experts" are coming out of the woodwork. Ignorance is bliss and no where is it more obvious than on this site and in this thread. OBVIOUSLY no one commenting in this thread has EVER been in Social Work MUCH LESS work for the State Agency. There is not enough time to address all the false and/or ignorant statements made here. But, I will a few. 1. DFCS does NOT "return a child" to it's parents. Once a child is placed in Protective Custody the ONLY person who can return the child to the home is the Juvenile Judge hearing the case. More times than I can count I KNOW children were returned to the parents at the 72 hour hearing, which is required by law to be held. 2. A child MUST be in "IMMEDIATE and IMMINENT Danger" for a caseworker to remove a child. Do any of you know what "defines" "IMMEDIATE and IMMINENT Danger" of a child? No, I didn't think so. 3. Parents are NOT always notified when a caseworker will be attending. Isn't it amazing what a "neighbor" can observe? There may at times be scheduled home isits BUT, there are also face to face unexpected visits the child at school and in the home with all family members. 4."Decent parents" (only by YOUR definition) can't get DFCS off their backs? You don't expect these "decent people" to admit to you Holier Than Thou folds that THEY are NOT complying with the Case Plan put in place? You don't expect them NOT to bash DFCS do you??? 5. The State and Federal Govenment has a magic number that each case worker should manage. I've NEVER known in my 30 years being associated with law have I know a case worker to meet that number. At all times it is at least double if not triple. Each case has specific deadlines that must be met. It is not humanly possible to do "Social Work" when under that kind of pressure. The powers that be are more concerned with the paperwork being completed. 6. Good, caring case workers are hard to keep due to: Lack of decent pay (A trash collector in the City of Atlanta makes MORE money than a college educated, experienced, trained SW in GA), Work over loads, Stress and more stress, etc. 7. As one poster stated the case was kept open fo 6 mos and unscheduled visits were made. Yet, is complaining about the worker complying with policy because her daughter was innocent? But, IF the worker had not done what is required by law there would be repercussions. And, if the worker took every parent at their word their would be a lot more cases in the news. DUH? (BTW, in most all cases a deputy (who will have a partner) will accompany a case worker to the home.) 8. And LR you know no one followed up on it HOW? 9. Case workers are human and make mistakes. What are YOU doing to help these children? Are you a CASA worker? Are YOU A Foster Parent? Don't bitch, do something. I could go on and on but you folks are going to slaughter the messenger and are not really interested in facts. All you want to do it be loud, complain and point fingers. Continue on with that behavior.
  13. YIKES! Those mushrooms musta given him Hercules power for him to be able to "rip it off". You didn't miss anything. No details. Dang it. Inquiring minds want to know HTH???
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