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  1. I grew up in Philly, but spent all my summers in Ocean City Maryland..my parents now live in OC MD. We still go there for vacations, just got back. My favorite place ever. I grew up on the Thrashers Fries, Fischer's popcorn, Dolle's Taffy and Dumster's ice cream, and crabs, UTZ chips, my personal fav are the UTZ with Cheseapeake Bay Seasoning! Check out this webiste, Great place!!!!! We have lots of stuff from here. www.bluecrabbay.com Sea Salt Nuts are great!
  2. BUYING IT! My lunch gets stolen all the time, I even thought about setting someone up and putting laxatives in it!
  3. I have two (2) tickets for Opening Day - Friday April 8th - 7:30pm - Braves vs Phillies - $30.00 each! Section 226L GAME IS SOLD OUT If you are interested PM me asap! Thanks
  4. moorechick


    Can anyone recommend a company around here that fixes gutters and possibly clean them out??
  5. I grew up in Philly. Certain parts are bad and you know to stay out of them. So is Trenton. Camden used to be as bad as Trenton, however, they have cleaned it up over the past 15 years. I am not sure if you are living up there now, I don't know you. But I know the city pretty well, if you ever have any questions, just send me a note in my inbox.
  6. Just speaking my mind, like GA did, and standing up for a good friend. Not trying to turn it ugly. Just gets to be too high school sometimes. Gossip sucks. And really, why on earth would you start something by making a statement like that, if you don't know the person. How hateful!!! Can't stand it.
  7. Yo -.GA....back off Tara. I know Tara very well, and have for several years. I also know her children very well, and they are good children and she raises them very well. If you don't KNOW Tara then don't say anything, don't judge until you walk in someone's shoes, why do you think you have a right to say something, because you HEARD it? Tara, your a great woman and a great mother!
  8. I agree. Some people just can't help what has happened to them. Some people do not have means to save for a rainy day. No reason to judge anyone! I have read the posts on here - and sounds like great advice, but doesn't seem realistic in this economy.
  9. Me too! I need my windshield replaced in my car! HUGE crack!
  10. I have CHASE. Took me a year and half to get modified only to have my payment lowered $45.00 a month. They suck. The whole system sucks.
  11. I do owe it and I will pay it, planned on it. I just thought it was odd. But your explanation does make sense.
  12. I just want an opinion on this...that's all. I have been going to this local doctor here in Dallas for almost 10 years. I had to go see this doctor two times a year and recently I am down to one time a year. Each time I go, it's a co-pay of $20.00. So I receive the card in the mail to make my appt. and I call, and they tell me that I owe $40.00 (money that my insurance didn't cover) from back in 2009, for two different visits. I asked if a bill has been sent, she said, yes, which I never received and haven't moved and she asked if I received any phone calls from her. I said, NO, I have had my number changed twice since 2009 - HOWEVER, I have been in TWO times since those visits, and NEVER asked or told about the $40.00 owed in 2009. She said, she can't make my appt until I pay the $40.00 owed from 2009. I sat and argued for a few minutes, then realized that this woman was just not seeing my point. She just kept saying, well I called you. Can't waste my time with stupid. NOW - okay - I owe the money, but seriously, since 2009 and I have seen you two times in the office since then??
  13. Trust me when I say this...take a look at your neighbors first. I live in Mill Pointe 5 houses away from our "scum gang".
  14. I don't think they will DARE come back into Mill Pointe.
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