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  1. The school sent home notes....they need boys clothing size 6 slim pants and size small shirt. He is in the first grade age 6. His sister is four months old and needs clothes 3-6 month size. All items can be dropped at Northside Elem.. by Monday, Dec. 14th and they will get it to the family. My kids and I are going shopping for them tonight for some clothes and some Christmas gifts.
  2. DBR is still closed and traffic is being routed around to Cartersville to come either through town or down Old Alabama Road through Emerson from Hwy 41 to Hwy 61 and head down 61 into Dallas. For now it is clear...this is per my husband who is routing the traffic for the S.O.'s dept. off of Dabbs Bridge. Hope this helps some of you trying to get in to Burnt Hickory area.
  3. I just came from the Kroger on 278 and 61 all the way up 61N through Main Street to Burnt Hickory and it was passable....on the way down there were some areas with water flowing over the road so I was a bit worried. If the rain starts again I don't know how long some sections will be passable.
  4. He'd be a dead old man if that was my baby girl. I have a two year old now and she doesn't always remain a princess when in public....but then she is just starting to speak clearly at 26 months old, can be a little difficult to reason with a child that is just starting to form complete sentences and drops back into baby babbling still. Parents have to run errands too, and it is not always possible to do so without a child in tow, especially babies.
  5. With my son (he was diagnosed Autistic at 2 1/2, he is now 5)...we tried so many things to help him. We did every therapy we could find anything on. Only when we changed his diet to the gluten free, casein free diet according to one therapist recommendation di we start seeing changes in him. Our son has been on this diet since he 3 1/2 and has made huge improvements. We actually saw changes in less than two weeks when we started him. He is also still in therapy and started the special ed pre-k here in Paulding County (another issue altogether) at 3 1/2. We went from a nonverbal child who rocked and stimmed all the time, to where our sone is now...speaks perfectly fine, is able to understand us most of the time, and plays with others. He has sense of humor and is very outgoing. There is still some rocking, especially on hard days, and he is not quite on the same level as typical 5 year olds, although he can write his name and is recognizing all his letters in the alphabet, he isn't ready to tackle reading yet (but he is interested). He also can be very excitable, sometimes very irritable, and there are times when he still seems not to hear us ( but I think it is purely by choice now!!). We still are alot better off than when we had to bolt our furniutre to the wall and remove everything from his room but his mattress so that he would be safe and bang into it. He walks, talks, and plays, whereas before he would line things up according to color and size. I would recommend to anyone not to ignore suggestions on changing dietary needs. It may sound like a bunch of crap, but it really did work for us. I am sure it doesn't for all, but we were willing to give anything a try to help our son! (And Jesse was vaccinated up until he had problems with his shots at 9 months...he made a drastic personality change at that point and it took us another year and a half for someone to tell us what was wrong. Before that my oldest three had all of their shots, when Jesse had a problem we stopped. Now he doesn't get any, and my daughter is on a delayed schedule. She gets one vaccine every 9 months (and no cocktails or untested vaccines). We will do the same with our daughter who is on the way.)
  6. Same rules apply. Alot of people have performed covers and posted them on youtube only to have the sound removed from their videos.
  7. Also check with BMI...they charge a membership fee and then you have access to use any music in their catalogue. Currently youtube is deleting tracks off of pieces belonging to certain catalogues until permission is proven.
  8. exactly...opened and packages long gone! I waited for my middle schooler, but I just don't have time to wait until the last minute. We have been going through furloughs as well for my husband. It is already several hours per pay period. But, for crying out loud...should have been completely safe to buy a box a crayola crayons!! I would never spend 6 bucks on a box of crayons when I could spend .69-.99 on a box.
  9. I was hit with a list that actually said twistable crayons only...regular crayons would be sent home, along with pencil boxes, certain types of backpacks, mechanical pencils, decorative pencils, and pencil sharpeners. This was for 2nd grade. I had already gone out with the list posted online weeks ago and bought everything (including wish list items)...I went to look at twistable crayons the other day...they want 5.99 for 12.....not happening. I already bought him 3 boxes of 24 each just so they would have extra. I have four kids in school...one a middle schooler and I have spent well over 400.00 in supplies (120.00 on my 6th grader alone). I would think the teachers would be happy with regular supplies and not threaten to send them home. If the items posted on the school website are not acceptable, why post them?
  10. I truly hope you find her soon. Also check places that teens are known to hang out: bowling alleys, movies, that sort of thing, also...not just public places...but other weird things like parking lots and gas stations, anywhere they all gather to park and talk. The first night is usually the easiest for them to find a place to crash........after that it gets more difficult. Another place to check is any and all empty houses near you and the boyfriend's house. Lots of teens will break into one and hang out, and crash for a night. Husband is a detective...he said checking the empty houses is the best bet. I will ask him if he has heard anything.
  11. Grown up Mac-n-cheese thanks to the Barefoot Contessa!! Yummy!!
  12. I have four boys (ages 5-12) and they have to take a bite out of a bar oy Ivory Baby soap and chew for a minute. They don't get to rinse, their teeth look great, and they definantly don't say anything ugly for a long while. My daughter is only two, so no need...yet! It has never hurt them and it made me feel better to use a bar soap, rather than liquid. I also like that better than spanking over words. Good luck!! We also have used the Dr. Phil method of taking everything out of their room except the bed, including their clothes....then we made them earn thing sback one item at a time and laid their outfits out for them. We have never had to do this more than once per kid....it is a perfect punishment and I don't lose money on the deal by throwing things away permanently. If they mess up for the day they must put something they have earned back in our basement closet (which has a lock on it). Works really well with my middle schooler...just the thought of losing his stuff like that again keeps him in line!!
  13. Please watch out for the deputies working the accidents...there have been several close calls of traffic almost hitting them while they are trying to direct traffic or work the scenes.
  14. Anyone have the call on their scanner for the assualt on the bus driver yesterday morning? I can't find it.
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