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  1. Adam Frady 404-213-9652 His crew did a fantastic job for us at a very reasonable price.
  2. It seems to have been replaced by a logo that says IPS Community.
  3. chindog

    Ground Beef

    We only buy ******* from **********. And we NEVER buy ********* from ******* or ********. In fact, ****** ** ****** **** ****** ******. ****** ***** *** ***** *** ***** ***** *** ******. ** **** ******.
  4. Wish they had done that years ago. This will really help Hwy 61 traffic move through that intersection.
  5. chindog


    Down south, try Clay's barber shop at 61 and Dallas-Nebo Road.
  6. chindog

    Estate Sale

    Don't know. The estate sale company sets the prices, and they will negotiate. We have some things, such as pictures, paintings, and family heirlooms, that we are keeping, but not taking with us. We rented a small climate controlled storage space for that stuff.
  7. chindog

    Estate Sale

    No, but there is a hand painted antique hanging globe lamp. It is painted with flowers.
  8. We are selling off all our stuff collected over the past 33 years, and hitting the road in our motorhome. We are going to travel the country for a while. Please come by our south Paulding home and check out our stuff. You probably need something we have. We are having an estate sale Thursday through Saturday, 10am to 4pm. Everything must go! https://www.estatesales.net/GA/Dallas/30157/1259814
  9. On Wednesday, senior citizens will get a 5% discount on purchases at Kroger. Same as every other Wednesday. Also, free pie at O'Charley's.
  10. I called OrthoAtlanta and told them about my injury, and they made me an appointment with Dr. Fowler.
  11. Thanks JYD. Pinnacle is in our network, so will see if I can get in to see him.
  12. I need to find a recommendation for a good orthopedic surgeon for follow up from an injury I suffered a couple of months ago. I shattered my leg in a bicycle wreck while we were on vacation in Tucson, AZ, and had surgery to put a titanium rod down the center of my tibia from the knee to the ankle. I left Tucson as soon as I was able to drive, and just got back home. Now I need to follow up with an orthopedist for treatment for other injuries with the tendons and muscles in that leg. Can anyone recommend someone around the Dallas hospital area or Villa Rica hospital area? Thanks!
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