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  1. I made it from 120 around the Hardy dealership to Hiram Sudie and back about an hour ago (had to rescue my wife and daughter). I went out 278 to 61 instead of Bill Carruth. A few hills have been salted. I didn't have much trouble in a 4x4 4runner and there were a few other cars out as well. If you do decide to get out, go slow (use a lower gear instead of brakes going downhill), and remember that if you try to turn or stop, you will likely slide.
  2. Berry is great, but you should also check out the small old farmhouse/barn on 120 right at Old Hamilton Rd/Casteel Rd. I see people taking pictures there all the time and it is really easy to get to. Cobb County bought this land a couple years ago and it also has a community garden.
  3. Servers are also the only occupation to rely on gratuity. End gratuity and pay them the same minimum wage as everybody else. As to minimum wage, not much has been made of the fact that the minimum wage rate was raised just before the economy went south and people started losing their jobs. There is definitely a connection between the government forcing employers to pay people more than the free market determines they are worth, and lots of people losing their jobs at the same time.
  4. Don't bother trying to get it delivered - just make the drive down 120, turn left on Barrett Pkwy, and just before the intersection of Old 41 in the Publix shopping center is Chin Chin. Best Chinese around, and they still recognize my wife and me from when we used to live nearby several years ago. They always ask why its been so long, and we have to remind them we moved out to Dallas. I always tell them they need to open one up out here. I sometimes pick it up on my way home from work.
  5. The TSPLOST CANNOT be extended by the legislature after 10 years. If they want to propose ANOTHER TSPLOST, then they are free to do so and we'll have another vote. The 10 years is set in stone, just like the project list.
  6. We had some issues with the original magic jack that connects to a computer. We'd often have to unplug and plug it back in to get it working. Last year we upgraded to the Magic Jack Plus that DOES NOT need a computer. It plugs into your internet router and a power outlet. It works really well. It does cost a little more than original MJ, but its still cheaper for a year than a month of land line.
  7. On our Xerox 721p we sometimes have to set the page size for Arch D to custom 23 x 35 instead of 24 x 36. It has something to do with the plotter not being able to print to the very edge of the paper, so if its set to scale to fit and you print something 36" wide, it knows it won't be able to fit it all in the correct orientation, so it rotates it so everything shows up (even though what would have been cut off is blank anyway). This is done in the plotter itself, so changing settings doesn't help unless you let it scale the page down a tiny bit (which is completely undesireable for us). This does mean that whatever you're printing can't actually be a full 24 x 36. Since you're not creating the pdf files, I'm not sure what you can do about it. Is there a way you can trim the blank edges of the pdf files so the pdf page size is not actually 24 x 36?
  8. jsbeagle


    I just discovered the lake at Lost Mountain Park just over the line in Cobb. Has anyone had any luck there?
  9. Sounds like it does for Cell phones exactly what was done for land lines several years ago. If your land line is on the Do Not Call list, then companies you have previously done business with CAN call you now, despite being on the list. If you don't want calls on your cell phone, don't give the number out. Its not in the phone book like your land line.
  10. For a replacement, it should be VERY easy to do yourself. I did it a couple months ago (dishwasher wasn't so easy). There should be a cutoff valve where the gas line comes out of the floor or wall. Turn it off. Take a wrench and loosen the gas line and then finish off by hand. Remove old stove, replace with new. Start screwing gas line by hand, then finish snug with a wrench.
  11. I wonder if this question was written by someone from another minority group like the ones in Gwinnett
  12. Here's your data: I'm now 27 and was never spanked. I never got into trouble in school and scored a 1370/1600 on the SAT.
  13. http://gisellemaine.hubpages.com/hub/How-Much-Cheaper-Really-to-Make-Your-Own-Homemade-Laundry-Detergent According to this article (in favor of making your own), if you wash 5 loads a week, you will save $13 your first year, and $26 on each subsequent year. A whole $2.16 a month! To me, that just isn't worth the trouble. Some things I HAVE made from scratch that ARE worth the trouble... Marshmallows!!!!!! vanilla wafers for use in completely from scratch banana pudding Plain vanilla pudding Corndogs
  14. McDonalds isn't using pink slime anymore.
  15. Maybe everybody should save the number in their phone for next time.
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