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  1. Yep. We're on Gold Mine Road and while cooking dinner I didn't have water! Not a happy girl
  2. We get it at our house too - great magazine. It's very informative and actually a beautiful magazine. I even got my SIL a subscription for Christmas. Check it out sometime.
  3. SUREPIP...Please, Please, Please give cooking lessons...and maybe throw in some gardening lessons too...did I say please. I'm a good cook but you amaze me with what you come up with. Mrs Surepip is a LUCKY GIRL...
  4. Picked up a mega bundle last week. Everything has been AWESOME and the was price great!!! The cube steak melts in your mouth - we have/had chicken, steaks, roast, bacon, boneless pork chops and some sausage. We also tried their large bone-in pork chops and the are really good. We're already planning our next one. Oh yeah and Jake is a cutie pie - they all are very nice and helpful. If you've not patronized them you're missing out. Thanks West Metro!!!
  5. Going to see Hairazor tomorrow--want me to give it to her? Doesn't matter to me whatever is easiest for you
  6. Fotogirl....can I pay you now for a shoot later? I'd like to surprise hubby for our 25th anniversary but would like to lose a few more pounds before March.
  7. Difinitely. PM me and we'll get in touch.
  8. Don't start giving them away until you go thru them. My husband is an avid baseball card collector (over 40 years worth). There's some really good websites that can help you with the values (you might be surprised). You might even have some that they're looking for. A few sites hubby uses is Dave's Vintage Baseball Cards, 707sportscards.com, www.baseball-cards.com, www.topps.com. Maybe your boys will get "reinterested" when they find out some of the values, it's alot of fun. PM us if you need help/advice. Good luck.
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