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  1. My 19 yr old daughter ran thru a stop sign and a police officer pulled her over. Her fine was $250.00. This happened in another local county, but maybe other counties will also consider this a serious issue. She never considered this a safety issue until this happened.
  2. I was a substitute teacher in a high school. Someone knocked on the door an office person handed me a note advising what had happened and was told I could show no emotion, and say nothing to the students and ask no questions and then they closed the door and left me in a classroom with over 25 students staring at me to continue my teaching. Hardest thing I've ever done.
  3. The Alsobrooks are one of the finest families I know. Mary was a very sweet lady. Nick, Deanne, George and the girls we are thinking of you and love you all. Exums
  4. My heart goes out to his family and love ones. My son's best friend passed away in February and they went to the mall and had a dog tag made with his photo and all wear them with pride showing their love for him. They feel they carry him everywhere they go. These are only $15 most can afford all you need is a photo. its at Arbor Place in one of the center stands of mall near Hollister.
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