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  1. yes when I was looking at the forums, they were 2012 and some 2007. what is up with this?
  2. Don't know if this is the right place, but I was wondering are there volunteers for senior citizens that might need to go as an outpatient at a hospital and need someone to be there with them? I might need cateract surgery and will need someone with me and dont know of anyone ,could pay a fee.
  3. Sbra96


    What are they going to build across from Walmart on 120? beside the Daycare
  4. I think you could beef up that visa follow up all day long, What does that have to do with the illegals coming over our border? With the pics of the wall that they show that would work or might work, would stop the crawling under and they sure couldn't come over. Very seldom do they come over a prison wall. And I would say that it would also protect ICE, I know they get paid for that job so don't tell me "Well they knew what they are getting into." and look at the money spent on ICE .look at the money spent on the illegals coming here.And you cant say that it is fair to the people that want to come here legally? so without the wall, why not just open it up and let everyone come here? and then when this country is as bad as the one where they come from?? pick a president or if you can find someone that wants the job.
  5. Yea we do , I appreciate his views on things. Smart man Don't know, all I have heard is Guard Dad.
  6. He will never put the country before himself?? This makes me laugh, That man has been thru hell since he got in office and you can say that? I get up everyday wondering if he is going to quit on us. Ego? I hope he has one. don't see how he has put up with these whining people. Ask what can I do for my country instead of what my country can do for you.
  7. Does he owe you money? A serial adulterer? not a man out there that hasn't tried something in his day. I could care less about his sex life, it has nothing to do with this country.No we don't know if he pays his income tax. It is none of our business as long as he protects the country and puts America first. We never seen Obama birth certificate. or his tax papers either. It really had nothing to do with how he done his job.I have never heard him lie or be hypocritical or lacking in self restraint. So tell me where you heard all this and maybe I will start watching your Donald Trump and my President Donald Trump. I don't know how true this is , but someone said they were going to impeach him the first day he got in office?? Well if they was ?? just seems to me that someone had something to hide and was afraid the President might find out about it. What do you think? All I have heard is how much he was liked for his character,etc. before he ran for President. I will try to answer your question "What besides his anti- immigration stance, are all these good ideas of which y`all speak?" I voted for him because ,didn't have much choice if I wanted to vote. I sure wouldn't have voted for a woman that was going to destroy the constitution, and says that a woman could have an aboortzion at 9 months if she chose to. I started listening too the debates at first all I heard was Donald Trump trying to defend himself, so I thought we are doomed. Then the next time he talked of how he would protect the country, the people here come first, he wouldn't touch our S.S. So I felt somewhat better voting for him. so far he has done what he said he would do. Obama said we were going to war with N. Korea, Obama said we would never have manufacturing jobs here, someone would have to wave a magic wand. Jobs picked up, I got a raise on my S.S. Trump was soft spoken, believes in God. God told Nehemiah to put a wall around Jerusalem to protect the people . So Trump is doing his darndest to build the wall. I have never heard any man put down as much as I have this man and for what? I notice no one points out what he has done or hasn't done, it is only he is a liar how many lies he tells and adulterer, how he pitches his temper tantrums etc. I may get in trouble for my view on this but you did ask. This is what was took off of my other post.
  8. If he is lying time will tell. But it is really funny, you can see Trump telling something on Fox?? and turn the channel to CNN?? and they will cut out what they don't want people to know and they will spend an hour bashing the President.Is this the kind of world we will live in?
  9. I have lost faith in who puts the links on here.How do we know who they are? are they for the President or against him? I have seen so much fake news.I had rather believe what I hear out of the Presidents mouth. Other people should do the same. If they did a lot of this drama would cease.
  10. I know I said I wasn't going to post any more on here. But a woman has the right to change her mind lol I wonder if every President has went thru this? And when did people start acting like school kids, putting someone down, cant like the president, etc. These people that have kids and Grandkids surely hear all this hate. and pattern after the parent then when they do it ??? "Which side does that kid take after?" You couldn't give me all the money in the world to be President. you have to say one thing about Donald Trump, no other man would take what he has had to endure since he has been in office. And its not for the money, he had plenty of that. So why cant people just leave it alone? He will be there for 4 yrs. and if he gets re-elected another 4 yrs. Let the man do his job. If it turns out well then o.k. If not?? then we wont be in any worse shape than we was in already. Instead of all this bickering and nitpicking. I bet some people could come up with some good ideas for our country. The man hadn't got in the door before some people wanted to impeach him. but mostly the ones that was losing the food stamps and that check every month. Goodnight everyone ..
  11. I think Trump respects the office as President. People don't watch him, they only go by what they hear. I am glued to the set when he is on, He is polite and caring about people. No he isn't the soft voice, push me around type, but how many presidents have we had like that and didn't get anything done? we needed someone to stand up for our country. But what I really wanted to say, I am a 75 yr old woman and I bet if go in a store with a MAGA hat on, ?? Just what do you think would happen to me? People don't have respect especially the dems. If they have what you call respect?? then Trump still has a long way to go.
  12. I will have to disagree with you on Trump and the wall.Why did other Presidents say "We need a wall?' and if they put a huge wall there, no wouldn't stop everyone but might help.If walls are useless then why does Obama, Clintons, everyone that has money, build them around their houses. Some people cant afford them, so the wall at the border will surely help. But you are right about one thing, Trump would have done what he said he would do and some people don't want him to get ahead. I don't think this would be a monument to Trump, this is the people that want the wall. If you go look at the "Gofundme" there is a lot of people that give there. so it is not just Trump wanting to build the wall. Happy New year to you also.
  13. Finally got answers to my questions. Just believe what you see. I was so disillusioned that all these places are right. But then again the Internet is always right ???
  14. so why would someone , try to tell you this didn't happen when most people have a computer and can look and see for themselves. just makes me look down on them for trying to make me look like a fool. lol My opinion this person probably don't ever listen to Donald Trump. they only go by what they hear from someone else. I like to check the facts.
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