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  1. sigh... anybody have a clue ? very aggravating
  2. so ... anybody got the whole scoop now ? did she kill the husband or husband kill himself? i'm confused
  3. haven't tried word yet. as far as the mouse showing: yes. I can type everything in the status box or comment box but when I press post,it says unable to post comment,please try again. when I hit "like" it acts like it worked but then immediately changes back. I can "see" everything fine. just cant comment,message, or like. my daughter can from her kindle,... so I know it's a computer issue ,not a facebook settings issue. just don't know where to start
  4. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP !!! what could possibly make me not be able to like,message or post status' on facebook.{it's not facebook settings because hubby's and daughter's page are doing the same thing !} also cannot seem to open my email. I can see that I ave some and see who it's from and subject but cannot open. have tried cleaning up computer,defrag,etc but something is just changed.
  5. someone said the cops had a female in a police car
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