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  1. Have you been to Mainland China? The Chinese so-called "legal system" deals very harshly with even petty crimes. Harsher than even Singapore. Neither China or Singapore have crime rates even approaching that of the US. We should use care when using statistics to draw conclusions. Sometimes there are underlying circumstances that can account for, in this case, the disparity in rate of incarceration - namely, there aren't many people committing crimes there because...well, because crime definitely doesn't pay in some societies. Think about it. Cheers!
  2. Uh...that would be "dire". And that would be "The Cop's family". See, the apostrophe (that's this little thing > ') denotes ownership. It's elementary school contextual spelling, and basic grammar. And why do you use the term "murdered"? Are you relying on facts, or more likely in your case, simply caught up in wishful thinking? God Bless.
  3. This link will take the emoticon lovers a source of some pretty good images covering a lot of different topics. http://www.emoticons...z-Uncategorized pubby Works fine in Chrome, as does this: (I think). IE is a hacker magnet, IMHO. I used to use FF too, as the only viable alternative to evil Microsoft, until Chrome became available. Switched then and have never looked back. I am waiting for a practical iteration of the Chrome (Chromium) OS to replace Windows, which is still, even with 8.1, held together with chewing gum and duct tape. But Chrome is a superb browser. Easy to install, nothing to maintain, and lean.
  4. My wife remarked to me around 10:25-10:30 that it felt like the sofa she was sitting on was being buffeted. I didn't feel it, but I told her maybe it was an earthquake somewhere. Just saw news reports of same. Just off Hiram-Sudie.
  5. Does anyone know the details of the auto accident that occurred on H-S near Buddy's and Food Depot last night? Lots of sirens, road closed for a bit. Thanks.
  6. Do you know of a local retailer of Caribou Decaf coffee? Thanks.
  7. ATT Uverse is definitely not the least expensive. BUT: 1. No contract 2. The absolute best customer service I've ever dealt with. By best, I mean I have never called them and they did not resolve the technical issue I was having, either on the spot or having a tech come out. They really try to treat their customers as customers. Having said that, it is almost a sin how much money we in the USA pay for cable and internet. Most first world countries' available internet speeds are WAY faster than ours (minimum 100 mb/s), at less than 1/2 the price. In Hong Kong, you pay $37 for FIVE HUNDRED MB/S. It's an outrage how we let them do this to us. Most of us look at the US as the most technologically advanced country in the world. Not so. However, there are few places I'd rather live. (Maybe Canada...Maybe Switzerland)
  8. The frog IS the vase. Hiding this piece away inside a "vase" would be kind of like putting a frame on top of another beautiful frame to cover it. You're in luck! There is an Atlanta Chapter of Ikebana International, and they offer classes in this art form. With the money you saved on your Ikebana Vase purchase (wow, you got it for a steal), you could enroll her in one of the classes, and have the enrollment papers enclosed with the vase when you give them to her. Pretty sure she'd hug your neck for this. http://www.ichiyoart.com/ikebana_class.html
  9. 1. Laws, and their enforcement, are a linchpin of civilized societies. Constant, consistent selective enforcement of a law or laws by a governing body, whether State or Federal, is an unfair, corrosive practice which undermines the charter (in our case, the Consitution) of the governing body: to wit, the responsibilities and sworn loyalty of the Executive Branch of the governing body to uphold that charter, and leads inevitably to civil distrust, discontent, and ultimately, disorder. 2. One's agreement or disagreement with a particular law or set of laws is a different matter altogether, to be handled by a Legislative body. 3. Determining if a law has been broken is often a difficult matter, and so a Judicial system is established. 4. In the case of immigration, the determination of whether a person is in the USA legally or illegally is a simple process. 5. If a person is in the USA illegally, then a law has, by definition, been broken. See Number 1.
  10. Is this a trick question? Of course it is safe to assume that this trial would have been different if Zimmerman didn't have a gun. It would also have been "different" if the incident had occurred at 1 P.M., or if GZ was a quadriplegic, or if TM was a quadriplegic, or if GZ didn't have a car, or if TM had stayed home with his Mom, or if the cops had gotten there 4 minutes earlier, or if...if...if.
  11. I agree with almost everything you say, but...you should give Ingles (on Dallas Nebo) a chance. Publix is more expensive, on many items, but not all. But the shopping experience is way worth it. I'll pay a couple of % points more just for that. They are the Chik-fil-A of supermarkets. They train their people, and pay them, and don't tolerate anything less than a clean store. Their produce is excellent, as is their meat. If you have a problem there, they will make it right (even though they know that sometimes "customers" will lie and take advantage of that policy, just to make $10). Ever seen dirt on the floor at a Publix, or sticky floors, or light bulbs out, or a cashier who wasn't friendly and intelligent? Me neither. But...give Ingles a shot. They are not Publix, but they are pretty darn good. Different, but good. Wide aisles, excellent produce dept., good specials, and they care about their employees and their customers.
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