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  1. LMFAO!! This proves nothing other than my uncanny abilities in advertising!
  2. Ahhh! The lovely K! How I miss it on a regular basis! Alas, I have a doc appt in the morning... The last thing I need is gas and tequila breath
  3. Guilty as charged!!! And hello Mrs. Robinson... I mean Mrs. Penney!! LOL I miss your beautiful face! You know it's sad when I see your hubbins more than I see you I'm gonna need this to be rectified IMMEDIATELY
  4. Haha you know I'm just kidding!!! If I didn't adore you I wouldn't travel far and wide just to catch a glimpse of you at some dive bar across town
  5. I wholeheartedly agree!! So much has changed in recent decades. This was a trend that has been a long time coming. I think some Hamburger Helper is just fine for those kids. Again, with the scare tactics. I really think they are just trying to get people to think about what they feed their children and making them motivated with fear. (The articles mainly mention preteens in the 400 and 500 lb range. I don't think the "chubby" ones around here would even dream of qualifying for removal... plus most of it goes away when they reach adulthood or like mentioned before it's just their body type)
  6. Seems to me like guerilla marketing and scare tactics. Education is the first step for parents and children alike. I cannot even begin to imagine what would happen to these children psychologically if they are pulled from their homes because of their weight. (Like they don't already have inherent self esteem issues) I see the argument's validity, however. I've seen parents give their 7 year olds a large pizza and entire 2ltr of Mountain Dew like it was nothing. Do I think that's child abuse? Well, yes. Do I think that these parents are instilling horrible habits on their children that will last into their adulthood and even their own lives as parents themselves? Yes. Do I think that it's the government's place to step in and remove the child? No. I think it's the family's responsibility to handle this. After all, it truly takes a village. It's a catch 22. There are tons of children who need this type of help and maybe this is just a warning shot for all of those "large pizza and mountain dew" parents and not really something that would ever be acted on. I really and truly hope so.
  7. You were never good company! You just make me laugh
  8. I like surprises I can has surprise for being curious?
  9. Hehe Can the girls take you to dinner soon? PWEEZ!
  10. Here here!!! I am loving this outlook on life!!!
  11. I will certainly take that to heart!! I've been known for some not so nice ramblings at times! But hey, everyone has their faults, right? LOL
  12. Thanks It's the numbers that's throwing me. The msg was a good one, apparently I earned a Mayberry some time ago. Now should I come up with some reason to use it??? haha Just kidding!!
  13. Thanks Boss Hogg!! Haha I think I've got one! That's why I was asking. Just don't know what I did LOL
  14. I've been on PCom for a few years (and anxious to be more active on it) but the concept of Mayberrys and Bullets totally elude me. I tried to read the PCom rules, and either I'm stupid today, or I'm just not meant to understand it. I have the "warn status" they mentioned under my name but have NO idea what the numbers mean. How does one get a bullet? How does one get a Mayberry? What are they good for? Please help this clueless member understand the laws of the land a little better.
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