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  1. They are near the meats. Just learnt that Impossible Foods will start selling their meatless meats in stores later this year.
  2. Don't think they have the meatless meat at the moment. Del Taco in Hiram does, I tried their plain burrito, it was OK, tasted like meat. I am not much of a meat eater. If you want to try the meatless meat, you can purchase some at Kroger, Publix and SuperTarget, and Walmart SuperCenter. Just look for the Beyond Meat brand. They also sell sausage, etc.
  3. I recently bought new cordless phones with the number-blocking feature for my parents. They are happy with their new phones. I must say it is nice not having to listen to my mother complaining about getting all the unwanted calls.
  4. Brian

    Spring forward

    I read earlier where the President was endorsing permanent daylight saving time. Maybe we will see that come to reality this year?
  5. Kroger, Walmart and other grocery chains should consider starting (limited) grocery drive-thru after hours.
  6. No idea. Hope they are at home with their family by now. I checked the PCSO's Facebook page, nothing have been posted about the brothers missing. I did find their parents on Facebook, but you have to be friends to see whatever they have posted.
  7. On Jan. 27, 2019, the U.S. Marshals Services Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force & the Bartow-Cartersville Drug Task Force received information that indicated Daylon Delon Gamble had fled the state. They contacted the U.S. Marshals Services Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force in Indianapolis, Ind. Gamble was taken into custody in Indiana without incident.
  8. I have seen preachers and deacons drink alcoholic beverages. Some would go so far to get drunk. I have no desires to start drinking alcoholic beverages. I would rather be on earth for a long time.
  9. 5 were shot, 4 were killed. Some people said all the victims were Afro-Americans. It is so sad - hope they capture the suspect(s).
  10. Brian


    I cannot see how they would want to risk putting a store somewhere that is nowhere near a freeway.
  11. This thread makes me wish that Pizza Inn was somewhere around here. Love their bacon cheeseburger pizza (they use mustard sauce on the pizzas).
  12. They are pretty good. I have not tried their chicken/tuna salads, because they use mayonnaise! They have one of best teas out there.
  13. Should not be too long. I suspect that James Butler and Tye Hill are the franchise owners of the Hiram location. Both James and Tye played in NFL.
  14. I wonder if the people that operated Moe's in Hiram will operate the deli in Hiram? Both Moe's and McAlister's are now owned by the same parent company based in Atlanta. I often ate at McAlister's in Memphis.
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