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  1. I really hope they come.....I prefer them to Sams.
  2. Nothing but storm water.....
  3. The taste of the American consumer has changed. Every brand has moved away from cars, most at a fast pace, due to the small SUV/crossover market exploding. Nothing surprising other than it took GM this long to realize where the market was going. Disappointing if you hoped their days of being out of touch with the consumer were gone.
  4. Misguided outrage. Murder trials don't happen within a year of the crime anywhere in this nation except on the rarest of circumstances. The defense is the driving force behind when a case goes to trial. They waive the right to a speedy trial and after all the discovery hearings, motions to suppress and various other matters which take months themselves, they request time to put all these things into a presentable defense. Judges allow it because case law is full of overturned convictions favoring the accused who had rushed defenses where the courts ignored the peril they faced. The DA has little, many times nothing, to do with it. There is nothing quick about a murder case and there shouldn't be, it has the harshest consequences of anything we bring before a jury.
  5. ....but how long they were or were not there is not really what started this entire ordeal. It started when they asked for the code to the bathroom door. Employees refused to provide it, bathroom access was for paying customers only. That led to a dispute which eventually led to the arrest.
  6. You could certainly hear the same call to police on the 'two blonde girls' if employees ask them to leave and they refuse. Actually, anytime there is a refusal you can virtually guarantee the next call is to the police. The refusal to leave is when it legally becomes trespassing and businesses resolve these type situations all day long because most people play by the rules or leave when asked. LE around the nation respond to these type complaints daily involving people of all races and genders so lets not pretend this is a scenario that is only in play because of the race of the suspects. This is a common scenario, what makes it uncommon, is the refusal to leave even at the request of LE which is the sole cause of the arrest.
  7. Not always a rental. People buy those trucks at auction and turn them into work trucks. U-Haul doesn't remove the markings.
  8. You can have real world education exist simultaneously with the successful sports programs which many dedicated students participate in. They can experience both making them more well rounded as they enter adulthood.
  9. Correct....when you act as an officer of the court you submit to the jurisdiction of that court. Furthermore, the court can even exercise jurisdiction over a civilian in certain circumstances such as if a civilian witness perjurers them self on the stand or in a contempt type issue.
  10. Just more spin tactics by the media......the meaning of that statement is totally dependent on the context. Saying "oh well he knew what he was getting into" chiding the guy who dies trying to kiss a rattlesnake is much different than speaking of a soldier saying "he knew what he was getting into yet he still answered the call of duty with his brothers".
  11. There are numerous ways that can be phrased that are anything but disrespectful even if that was his exact quote. Matter of fact, it is a common sentiment when discussing an all voluntary military that we have now. They all signed up knowing they would be placed in harms way, hence "he knew what he signed up for" is a way of saying he knew the danger and courageously volunteered anyway to go into harms way knowing it may cost him his life. That is the very definition of honor and courage.
  12. It looks like he was low level in the conspiracy. He is probably testifying against those above him.
  13. Teams need to be in one of two extremes....in a park that is basically considered a historical site or in a modern attention grabber that is a destination in itself. No one wants to be stuck in the middle with an outdated stadium that has no history behind it.
  14. Islam has a desire to destroy all western civilizations. ISIS is simply their militant faction who is more than willing to use terror attacks to obtain that goal both by attacking the west who is the enemy and making sure their own populations don't stray from their teachings. Make no mistake, even the Muslim's who have not went to the extreme aren't our friends which is proven weekly in Europe right now.
  15. He expected no security, his plan and accuracy was derailed when armed good guys started shooting back. And "he expected the congressmen to be carrying"....in gym shorts on a baseball field? No....he was certain they would be unarmed and though he had the perfect gun free zone to carry out his attack. No visible armed security and targets running around dressed in active wear. Thankfully a good guy with a gun was there.
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