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  1. Love their songs.....takes me back. I didn't know he wrote that one for his dad.
  2. I have several cypress trees that Need to come down. Any recommendations Need somebody that's reasonable
  3. I have a 2008 CX7 with some problems
  4. Do you hear a constant high pitch sound?
  5. A-Plus roofing did mine. Very fair and honest. Had no problems. He goes to our church.
  6. Has anybody heard about an accident or something on 92 and Mt. bethel. Traffic has been bad for several hours.
  7. This is a very thankful young lady! She couldn't believe it was found and returned. Madison surprised the young man the day she received the money and other items from the sheriff's office by going to his house to thank and reward him. Thanks Nathan!
  8. Campbell High.....1979. .When the green and white are flowing over our dear CHS
  9. I don't know why kids are doing this but I saw it on Regis and Kelly and the point was to strengthen the core muscles.
  10. It is unbelievable how many teens in our own county are having or had babies in the past year!
  11. Is East and North on TV? If so, where?
  12. mamado


    I travel through Hiram on a dailey basis and there is a disabled person that rides a 3 wheeled bike that sits low to the street. He used to have a flag on it but the last time I saw him he didn't. Even with the flag he is very hard to see especially if you are topping a hill. Very unsafe!
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