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  1. I saw this on my way to pick up my grandson from Children's Palace. It was not bad going my way, but I decided to go up to 278 and take the long way around instead of getting stuck in the traffic on Bill Carruth. I saw one vehicle in the intersection, one off the road, and there was a smashed-up Mustang further down on Bill Carruth before you got to the intersection. I couldn't figure out if it was involved in the accident or not. There were a lot of cars pulled over. I was going to listen to the scanner archieves but didn't have time. I hope everyone was ok!!
  2. I cannot even put into words what I felt as I watched the video. What a beautiful little girl!! My heart breaks for her family and all those who had the pleasure of knowing her. My prayers will be with the family.
  3. I have to show ID every time I vote, so how can anyone vote without an ID? I think this whole license thing is ridiculous!!! It's not going to stop fake IDs because where there's a will, there's a way. I hate having to use my vacation time to spend the day at the DMV. I lost my license about two years ago, and spent about 5 hours at the DMV waiting to get a new one. The best thing they ever did was implement on-line renewal. Just another example of our government becoming more controlling!! JMO!!
  4. Ivy Hall in Powder Springs, just off 278 at Florence Road -- my granddaughter went there until my daughter moved to Mableton. Absoluely loved it!! Children's Palace off 278 at Bill Carruth -- my grandson goes there and he loves it. He can't wait to go to school everyday. We have had wonderful experiences with both of these. The teachers really care for the kids and they get the best of care and lots of attention.
  5. I heard this on the scanner. Sounded awful!!! My prayers are with the family of this young girl and the personnel who had to work this terrible accident.
  6. JMO, but you should never leave 5-year-olds unattended for 45 minutes without checking on them. The children were unsupervised for too long. That's where the reckless conduct charge comes in, and it is a fair one. When my grandkids are visting and if I have to be on the phone and they are playing in another room, I walk around the house, with my phone, periodically just to make sure what's going on......especially if they get quiet!!! My heart breaks for everyone involved. The grandmother will have to live with this for the rest of her life and no one in the family will ever be the same. No matter what charges are brought, they won't bring those two precious little girls back. Such a very, very sad situation.
  7. Must have been some very combative shoplifters to require 4 cars. I'm glad they got caught!!
  8. Around 6:00, I was shopping at Wally World and, when I went out to my car, there were 4 Hiram police cars parked in the space beween the garden center entrance and the main entrance. It's the area where they take the shopping carts in. I didn't see any activity while I was inside, but I was on the grocery side. I am so nosey!! Does anyone know what happened? I can't imagine needing 4 police cars for a shoplifter.
  9. What a special grandma you are!! I hope I have that kind of relationship with my grandkids when they are teenagers. You did a fantastic job on his hair. I love it!!
  10. I personally know of a couple who were friends with my daughter while in high school. She was a freshman and, I think, he was junior. They got caught and she screamed rape. Her dad was one of the most unreasonable men I've ever encountered, so I know why she was scared of him. But she didn't think twice about saving her own a$$ and ruining her boyfriend's life. knew they'd been having sex for at least a year before they got caught, and I actually talked to the girl about the consequences of unprotected sex. She did not want to accept any of the responsibility for the act. Now the poor guy is on the list and should not be. The last I heard about her, she was working as a stripper.
  11. I have to agree with you. It amazes me how many people think these kinds should just be allowed to basically get away with what they did. They certainly weren't concerned with any consequences when they were vandalizing government property and a nearby neighboorhood. If they are allowed to get away with this, it won't surprise me to have them go on to bigger crimes.
  12. This man and his family will be in my prayers. This is one of the reasons we sold our bike. It just seem to be getting more dangerous to ride.
  13. Just wanted to let everyone know that the very best Easter Egg Hunt we ever went to was on Saturday at Jim Miller Park (fairgrounds). They hid the eggs in the field where the parking normally is. It was so well organized!!! They had 30 minutes between each age group so that they could replenish the goodies. They had the normal pull-apart eggs but, what impressed me most, was the amount of really good candy that they threw out in the field. We've been to hunts at Ben Strickland Park and White Oak Park, and the eggs usually don't have anything worth having in them. The actual eggs at the fairgrounds had stickers and erasers and stuff like that. They had a lot of prize eggs, too. Two of my grandsons got a prize egg. Across the street, they had the usual jumping things, a petting zoo, the Cobb Fire Safety exhibit that shows the kids how to crawl on the floor and stay close to the ground if there's a fire. There was a firetruck they could sit in. They had airbrush tattoos, balloons, craft activities, and other stuff. The Easter Bunny was there walking around, and you could take free pictures with your camera. It was just so nice and the kids had a blast. I'd never heard of them having an egg hunt there before, but I sure hope they keep having it. I highly recommend it. It was just so much better than any of the other ones we've been to. It was
  14. Has anyone heard anything about any Easter Egg hunts in the Hiram/Dallas area? We usually go to White Oak Park, but I haven't heard anything about it this year.
  15. Hope it's not meth that the person needs detoxing from. There is no where to help with that. It has to be done on your own, and it's not easy.
  16. That goodness that he was arrested!! I'd like to know more about what happened and who the victim was. So sad and senseless.
  17. I'm at work and don't have time to read all the posts, but this sounds a lot like my oldest daughter between the ages of 9 and 16. She was VERY destructive and VERY defiant, also diagnosed with ODD and ADHD. She was in and out of RYDC and various other placements. We slept with deadbolts on our bedroom doors for years. I was scared to leave her alone with her younger sister. Kicked her out of the house when she turned 18 and changed the locks. Had no idea if she was dead or alive for two months after I kicked her out. When she turned 19, I found out that she had been molested by her stepfather. Her intense anger over what she was going through caused her problems. Is there any possibility that he could have been sexually abused by someone? My daughter will be 30 in August and, to this day, still has issues. She is married with two beautiful children, but she still has terrible anger issues which she directs at her husband. Thankfully, he is a wonderful man who knows the story and loves her unconditionally. We cannot get her to get help even though she admits she has a problem. I know what you're going through and I know your life is a living hell. To love your child more than anything and to have to watch him do the things that he is doing is more than most people can imagine. It is almost unbearable. I don't know what else to offer, but your family will be in my prayers.
  18. Well said!! Example: My cousin's son is 28 years old. From the time he started school, he was always in trouble. His grandmother, not his parents, ALWAYS made excuses for him. When he held another boy's head in the toilet and repeatedly flushed, she said "that's just what boys do". NO, THAT IS NOT JUST WHAT BOYS DO!!! In high school, he continued to get in trouble, and she was always taking up for him and not making him face any consequences. Of course, he finally ended up in real trouble and went to jail (the first of many times). I wish I had half the money she has spent bonding him out and paying for lawyers to get him off with as little punishment as possible. He has the mindset that his grandmother will ALWAYS be there to save him. He has NEVER had to face any real consequences. He lives with grandma, has never had a job, never had a car, and has everything handed to him on a silver platter. It's only a matter of time before he's back in jail with grandma spending what little money she has getting him out again. My oldest daughter, who is 29, started getting into trouble in middle school. Nothing really bad, but she ended up in YDC on more than one occasion. I never made excuses for her and I certainly never hired a lawyer. She needed to face consequences for what she did (mostly stealing and beng defiant). She even went into state custody because of her behavior and the things that she was doing. When she was 19, she got into some trouble (marijuana possession and trying to buy ammunition for a stolen gun--a guy offered her $200 if she'd go into the store and buy it). All she thought about was making an easy $200. She never bothered to find out why this guy wouldn't buy the ammunition himself. She was arrested and went to jail. I did not bail her out. She knew better than to ask!! She ended up getting a friend to get her out. I did go pick her up from jail after her friend paid her bond. She paid for her own attorney and, believe me, that was the end of her criminal days. She's now the mother of two beautiful children, and she knows the reason that she turned her life around is because she had no choice. She knew not to call me and her so-called friends always seemed to disappear when she got in trouble. Teenagers and young adults have to face consequences. Otherwise, they will never learn anything.
  19. I've been trying to find out about it since this morning, but can't find anything on any of the news sites.
  20. I heard on the radio today that someone in Las Vegas said the odds were in favor of Phillip, and he was predicted to win.
  21. Lots of activity on the scanner.
  22. I am a nervous wreck!!! I hate this kind of weather, especially at night and knowing what kind of damage the storms have caused to the west. We are glued to the TV and I've got the scanner on. Glad I've got a basement. Everyone be safe.
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