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  1. I figured it was a compound fracture because they said there was serious bleeding. What worried me was when they said he was unconscious. I'm glad to know that everyone was calm because that reassures me that he will be ok.
  2. 4-year-old male fell off bike; serious bleeding from arm; was conscious but now unconscious; they think he has a broken arm; happend on Autumn Creek Drive; they've called for a helicopter prayers said for this little boy. 7 minute ETA on helicopter
  3. I caught the tail end of this on the scanner, but could not figure out what happened. I came on here hoping someone else would know!!
  4. You are 100% correct about the victim not coming forward until they feel safe to do so. My oldest daughter was 19 when she came forward about what her stepfather did to her. We went to the police and, even though it had stopped 3 years before she found the courage to come forward, he went to prison for 15 years (which is not nearly enough). She goes through hell every day and will never be free of what happened to her. I don't know if this guy is innocent or guilty. I will leave that up to the courts. But just because a victim waits until they are older, doesn't mean it didn't happen.
  5. I was listening to the scanner last night, too. The shooting was in Taylor Farms Subdivison which is on Pine Valley Road. I think it said the girl was shot in the neck. Not a whole lot of info was given. I didn't even hear her age. I know they said "accidental". I cannot imagine how something like that happens. Guns are not something anyone, no matter what age, should be playing with. She would be in the Hiram High school district, so there might be more info from other kids at the school. It's extremely sad, and my heart goes out to her parents.
  6. There was a trailer fire at Polk Street and Polk Avenue earlier this evening. Not sure it that's the same fire that is still working or not.
  7. I've been listening to the scanner off and on since about 6:30. There was a trailer fire at Polk Avenue and Polk Street (I think that was the intersection), but that was quite a while ago. I wouldn't think it would take this long to fight a trailer fire. I got on here hoping that someone had posted about the fire. I want to know what's burning and where it is at. The scanner is not telling anything.
  8. My granddaugher was in one pagent when she was 7 months old. It cost us about $300, which included the entry fee. It can get really expensive, especially if you enter a lot of pagents. She's 4 now, and we haven't entered her in any others because we just can't afford it. The older they get, the more expensive it is.
  9. Don't know. They only said white sedan. No other details were given.
  10. Rescue 5 is back in service. I haven't heard anything else about this. Don't know how the female was transported. I just hope both make a full recovery. And I hope they catch the other driver if it was really a hit and run.
  11. First patient is at landing zone.
  12. Rescue 5 taking over command. Maneuveing equipment to get patient ready to take to landing zone.
  13. Male patient is being taken to hospital by life flight. They are still working with female patient. Another Clark's unit is needed. ETA for helicopter is 11 minutes. Prayers said for the two injured.
  14. Life flight has been requested. Landing zone will be Nebo Elementary. Can't tell if one or both injured at being flown out.
  15. Absolutely!!! Unfortunately, I'll bet it won't happen because they are 16. They'll just get punished as a juvenile, which is really no punishment at all.
  16. Cross street is Fate Fuller Road - one white sedan upside down; roadway is blocked might not be entrapped - one female with serious facial bleeding and bleeding from arm; one 23-year-old male bleeding from his leg
  17. Amen to that!! The first set of vandals got off basically scot-free with a slap on the wrist, which sent a message that said: It's ok to spray paint all over East Paulding High and the road and everything else in the vicinity of the school. Don't worry. . .nothing will happen. It will be fun!!! Those other kids commited a felony and they should have been punished. Maybe this time, no matter who did it, there will be consequences that send a different message: vandalism is wrong --- in any form. JMO!!
  18. drosser

    pier park

    We went last month and had a blast!! Pier Park is very nice, if you have a LOT of money. My granddaughter loved the rides at the amusement park. We went early in the evening before it got crowded. There are quite a few shops and, by the time we'd rode all the rides, Paris was getting tired and cranky, so we only went into a few. It just amazes me what people will pay for stuff!!! We went to Wal-Mart twice to get some groceries for breakfast and lunch. It was not very crowded either time. It was a lot easier to check out there than in HIram. They had almost all their registers open!! And the store is has such an amazing selection of stuff!!! Panama City is much better than it used to be. They're trying to get away from the party image that they had for so long. I think the majority of the partying is now done on Thomas Drive where La Vela and Spinnaker are.
  19. Called in by SO. Head-on collision between red Ford F-150 and silver passenger car. Minor injuries (thank goodness!!); two patients
  20. drosser

    Fire in Hiram

    I was wondering. I've been up and down the road several times since than and haven't seen a thing.
  21. I'm a Workers' Comp adjuster, and I attended a seminar yesterday regarding pain management. The feds are really cracking down on them because most of them don't care a thing about helping with your pain. They just want to dispense medications, which are mainly going to the drug pushers and users. They have strict guidelines that they have to follow, and only those that are legitimately trying to help people are willing to comply. It can take a while to get in with a good pain doctor. They have to review your records from the referring doctor and, your first visit will be an exam only. They will then schedule you for your injections. I feel really bad for people like you who have legitimate pain and cannot get help because of the kind of people I deal with on a daily basis. They are trying to screw the system and get something for nothing. I have very few legitimate claims. Most of the ones I deal with are fraudulent. Just people looking for a way out of work or free medical care (mainly because they have poor or no health insurance). If you PM me the name of your pain management doctor, I can tell you if I know anything about him. Depending on who it is, you might want to try somewhere else. I will keep you in my prayers. Pain is an awful thing when you cannot get any relief.
  22. As a mother of a child who was addicted to meth, I am so thankful that another dealer is off the streets. Meth is pure evil!!
  23. I had planned a quick trip to Wal-Mart on my way to work this morning. I hadn't heard anything about this but, once I got down that way, there were a whole lot of flashing lights and everyone was turning around. Couldn't tell what was on fire. There are houses down there, along with the church, bank, and daycare. If anyone hears what burned, please post. I also hope no one was injured. I guess I'll go to Wal-Mart after work!!!
  24. I always felt it was just a matter of time while the DA got his ducks in a row!! She is guilty as can be but, like everyone else, I hope they have the right amount of evident to prove it. I just cannot comprehend why an adulterous couple think that killing a spouse is going to allow them to be together. It never works out ---- and the children are the ones who really suffer the most. Very sad situation ---- but I hope the nail her!!!
  25. You'd be surprised (or maybe not) at the number of places in and around Paulding County that have the gambling machines that pay cash. It is illegal to pay with cash, but they do it anyway. My daughter has won a ton of money at some of them!!! That's what paid her car payment last month!!! I can't help but wonder why the cops don't enforce the law more when it comes to the machines. So many people know about the machines and where to go to get paid cash. Seems like law enforcement would be smart enough to figure it out ---- but I guess they are focusing on more important types of crime, which is good.
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