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  1. Remember it WILL be cold, make sure you have a warm blanket in your car, Just in case you’re car stalls out, or something. I always keep an extra set of clothes and a blanket or two in my car. Most especially a thick pair of socks. The socks can be used either for your feet or your hands. For my extra set of clothes, I usually have sweatpants, a sweatshirt with an extra long sleeved undershirt. This way if need be, I can layer my clothing!!! I like to be ahead of the game!! Also, make sure your car is full of gas or at least have a half a tank. In cold weather. I know I should have posted this little tid bit of information, earlier!!
  2. I’d like to nominate the Lighthouse Food Pantry. I’m not sure if Charlie and Darlene still run this but, the food pantry has been taking place for many years!! They do a lot of good for this County!! Way To Go Lighthouse Food Pantry!!
  3. I'm NOT a fan of any of them, really!! Most especially Donovan, right now!!
  4. Sorry Caped Crusader, I’ve been slacking. I forgot. I’ll call Reva tomorrow and ask her about the table of food!!
  5. It wouldn't let me attach a link so, I just copied & pasted it here. I hope this is ok! Or could someone insert it in the right place for me? Thanks We hardly ever go to Douglasville anymore. It's NOT worth taking the chance!!!! This was from 2016, who knows what the rank is Now? https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/georgia/most-dangerous-places-ga/?fbclid=IwAR3fiStCi1doEK1A5RlaI_Ru8g5fgeswRk2iez8IqrCt0sJZKb6mdBLYli0
  6. Also, channel 2 Action News reports the same thing. Here is a screenshot of what I took from Facebook. I don’t know how to insert a link, on Pcom, anymore!! You may have to click on the photos to read the whole thing. Mind you, these are just pictures. Prayers for the Families and Friends. Let me “see” if I can find some more info.
  7. I love the iPhone, more than an Android (had one years ago) but, hubby had a Google Pixel phone. I told him that he need NOT ask me How to do something or ask me to do something on his phone. So, it broke, he had to get a new phone. He was all set to get another iPhone, he had one before the first Pixel. Then he comes home with another Google Pixel. Uuuuugggghhhhhh, he still will ask me every now and then, how can I do this, how can I do that. Not that often but, I still KNOW NOTHING, about his phone!!
  8. Oh yeah, I just LOVE my Remote Start, on my car!! I also have the app for my car and can also lock/unlock and start my car, from my phone. Love it!
  9. When you gotta go, You Gotta Go! How are you going to tell Nature NO?
  11. Helping Hands Of Paulding Co. Clothes Closet is in need of Winter Clothing. If you have any gently used clothing that isn’t being used, Helping Hands sure could use them. Our Clients get to shop FREE, they do NOT pay anything for these clothes. They are limited, so that other folks can take advantage of our Clothing Closet. If you have clothing to donate and don’t have time to make your donation, I can pick up and deliver to Helping Hands Clothing Closet and I can get you a donation tax receipt. The Clothing Closet location is 240 Professional Ct, Dallas, Tuesday thru Thursday 10-1:30. Thank You and God Bless
  12. I'll try to get with Reva tomorrow and see if she can get me a picture. That's a Great idea!! A visual really would put it into perspective, as to how much $50, $100 and so on, could buy!! THANK YOU, don't forget your Tax Receipt!!!!
  13. Caped Crusader, Is it possible for me to keep using THIS thread? Instead of me having to start a new one, each month? As long as I'm able to change the Date in the Title and delete the old picture and add the current months picture. What's your thoughts on this?
  14. I Love this, just don't have time to keep up with it, at times!!
  15. Sooooo, Who won the iPad? just curious...............
  16. We've been living off of Ray Lee for 18 yrs and we've never heard of this. We really DO learn something new everyday.
  17. It's about time! We've been watching this location for a year maybe more. Glad it's finally coming to life!!
  18. It’s that time again and please remember to get there early. Also, there aren’t any restrooms so, please take care of your business before you get in line. Another thought..........make sure your car is full of gas, In case it’s cold that morning and you have to leave it running. I’m cold natured as is most people who are taking blood thinners. This might be a bit of useful Information.
  19. Loved, Loved, Loved Ms Jessie!!! I tried to get her a Birthday present every year. I think it was like the third week of August. My memory is falling me, a little.
  20. I counted 35, I don’t necessarily eat them on a regular basis, though.
  21. I should have posted this earlier but, I only found out that morning and Tuesdays are always a busy day for me. And by the time I got my errands finished and got home to cook Supper, then had to go to Publix, for my last minute shopping before the sale ends. Then I posted. My fault!!
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